Back on the Zed gang.

I had a couple of evening sessions last week after the Barbel in a couple of new spots that resulted in blanks.  There’s always something to learn though and the second area I noticed a couple of decent fish roll so it is an area to target again at some point.

The rivers are very low at the moment and the conditions aren’t ideal for Barbel so I decided to get the Zander gear out and see if I could nick a fish or two.  As i’ve got a few days off I decided to get down the river mid-afternoon to beat the rush hour traffic and just to get out in the fresh air.

I couldn’t believe how clear the river was which never fills me with great confidence.  Still, i’m sure under the cover of darkness a chance will come along to bag a Zander or two.

I put the first rod out upstream and set about getting the other rod out of the sleeve.  A quick check on the upstream rod and it was banging Continue reading


It’s getting tougher out there

So, since I last updated my blog I’ve had mixed success on the fishing front.  I haven’t been out as much as I would have like due to being away with work.  I did a Zander trip to one of my little spots which only resulted in one bite from a fish of 8.14.  It was another stunning fish although it looked like something had been clamped onto it’s side looking at the marks on it.  The average size of fish is good from this stretch of the river and there is plenty of water to go at.  What’s troubling me though is that I would have expected a double from there.  It has everything going for it but the fact I haven’t had one is making me come to the conclusion that there aren’t any.  It will probably be my last time in that spot for a while.  If conditions dictate then I will give it another few goes in Winter if i’m not tied up fishing for other stuff.

8.14 – Another good Zed.

A couple of days later I headed back to the river in search of a double figure Zed from another stretch.  This is a much harder area and I was under no illusions that the chances of blanking are much higher than catching but if I did get a bite then it would probably be from the size of fish that i’m after.  I couldn’t stay too late as I had a train to catch early the next morning.  I stuck it out until midnight before heading home biteless.

It’s at this time of year that my thoughts start to turn from Zander to Barbel.  I’m desperate to catch my PB Barbel now, although not desperate Continue reading

You live and learn.

Before setting off for the river I had a few changes to make to my gear.  As part of that process I checked the sharpness of the hooks on my rigs.  One of them felt a bit blunt but still sharp enough to go in if I had a bite.

I didn’t get down to the river until just before 6pm as I had a few jobs to do and the weather was truly awful.  I’ll fish in most things but I didn’t want to be setting up in torrential rain so I waited until it eased off a bit.  By the time I got to the river conditions were perfect.  Squally winds and drizzle may not be everyone’s idea of perfect but it was mine.

I wasn’t expecting a lot of bites.  The smaller fish would be less inclined to pick up a bait leaving my offerings to the bigger fish with a bit of luck.  It took a while to get my first bite but when I did I missed it.  Judging by the bite I would have said Continue reading

All out Croc attack!!!!

Just when you think you’ve got everything sussed out you’re thrown a curve ball that blows all your theories out of the water, literally.

I couldn’t wait to get back down the river after the Zeds.  I’d had a big delivery of frozen deads that morning and rather than pussy foot around with one pack I took two for good measure.  That’s how confident I was feeling.

I put one rod out with the popped up bait and the other on the bottom as I wanted to give the popped up bait a good go again.  It took a while to get my first bite but when it did come it came to the bottom bait and although it was a positive indication I managed to miss it.  On went a fresh bait and not long after it went again only this time I managed to connect.  In came another half decent Perch that I estimated at about 2.4.  At that point I decided to switch the rods over and move the pop up closer in.  If there was a shoal of perch about then these would give a good indication as to whether a popped up bait would work.

I was expecting a bite to come on the pop up but it was the bottom bait that went again with another Perch, then another and then another.  I’d just Continue reading

This weeks entertainment

So Tuesday night saw me head out in search of Barbel after the boy had gone back to his mum’s.  I went to a lightly fished stretch of the river that held some good fish.  I knew exactly where I wanted to fish but couldn’t get to it still because of the balsam and nettles.  I was rather hoping it was dying back as on another stretch I fish there is hardly any now.  Mind you I think the sheep have eaten most of it.  Desperate to get to the swim I wanted I gingerly tried to make my way through the vegetation.  Anyway, to cut a long story short I went over on my ankle.  Thinking I really don’t want any busted bones in the middle of nowhere I abandoned that idea and walked a bit further downstream to a more suitable area.  Suitable to fish from I should say but all night I could hear fish crashing out in the swim that I wanted to be in.  This is the area where my pb is going to come from if I ever get the conditions right.  Needless to say I blanked and never had a bite.  Frustration at it’s finest i’d say.  That area will be avoided Continue reading