River Carp

I had to change my plans this weekend.  I’d got myself all sorted for a weekend after Carp on an estate lake and was really looking forward to it but then I got a call from the electrician to say he could come and wire out my new garage.  I was tempted to postpone him but knowing how hard it is to get any of his time I figured I had best change my plans to suit.  So instead, last night I headed back down to the new stretch of river where I fished recently for Zander but this time I had my sights set on targetting one of the decent sized Carp that are in that stretch.  I had nothing to go really but there was an area where the flow doesn’t get going until a couple of rod lengths out.  It’s a proper Carpy looking swim though with the odd lilly pad close in along with the obligatory scary looking snag.  Knowing I wouldn’t be casting far I decided to use my ten foot Scope’s which was good because I had been looking for another excuse to use them.  The fishing wasn’t anything technical and as I was fishing so close in I put the hemp and scattering of boilies in by hand.  With an underarm flick I put one rod in just before the crease and lowered the other rod in off the rod end off the edge of the lillies.  I also put another rod a bit further up the bank, again quite close in and sat well back from the waters edge so as not to spook the fish.  In my head i’d got visions of them patrolling that margin so with a bit of luck one would come across one of my three baits.

I checked the time and it was just after 6pm.  The traffic had been a nightmare to get here but I planned on fishing until midnight so I’d got plenty of time.  The sun was beating down as it has been for what seems like an eternity but there was a slight breeze which Continue reading


Blanks are good for the soul, apparently.

After a successful session the previous night I probably should have stuck to the same area on my trip to the Trent last night but being a smart ass I thought i’d give another stretch a go as I was feeling super confident.  I got to the river just before 2pm and had planned on staying until the early hours of Sunday morning.

The river looked fantastic, or should I say the bits I could see of it as the balsam was impossible to penetrate on most of the stretch so I was restricted to one small area, although in fairness I did have a good view downstream where I could see a lot of the river.

After 4 hours fishing I hadn’t had a bite so I knew I was probably in for a grueller.  I had seen some good fish boshing about further downstream though so I was hoping they might make their way upstream and I was still feeling confident.

As the evening wore on the river started to rise quite rapidly and no matter what I did I couldn’t stop the weed catching on the line.  The leads did hold bottom for quite a while but eventually they got pulled out of position.  The fish further downstream continued to taunt me and with no way to get to them I stuck it out in the hope that there were fish in my swim.

The heavens opened at dusk and the rain was relentless.  The slugs were over everything and although I stuck it out until 10:30pm I felt like i’d been defeated.  It was hard to fish effectively because of the weed and getting drenched two nights on the trot was enough for me so I packed up and ran for the hills a defeated man.  I’ll be back though as it’s too nice a stretch not to return.

Please Sir, can I have some more?

It’s been a while.

My previous post saw me going Barbel fishing for the first time in a few years to one of my local rivers which was a joy because nobody fishes it and the fish are big.  The fact that the fish are big makes them very hard to catch though because there are so few of them.  I do like a challenge when it comes to fishing but I’m in that frame of mind at the minute where I just want to get my string pulled.

I’ve resisted fishing the Trent for Barbel for a while now because, if you look at social media, people are saying they’ve had god knows how many Barbel on their last trip with a gazillion doubles amongst them blah blah blah……….  Well i’m sorry, but you’d have to be a pretty awful angler not to catch on some stretches of the river.  In fact i’ll rephrase that, you’d have to be a complete numpty not to catch.  So, all these reports of double figure Barbel caught from the circus of Collingham or Gunthorpe weir really do not impress me and do I really want to sit amongst a bunch of people getting pissed and smoking weed all day?  No I don’t.

Anyway, back to the job in hand, despite what i’ve put above Continue reading