Roachy Update

Blimey has it really been nearly a month and a half since my last update?  I must be slacking.  In truth though the fishing has been hard.  Prior to yesterday my last three sessions had all been blanks.  The session prior to the those blanks I managed eight Roach upto 1.2, so like all new things that you are trying to get your head around, you can’t always hit the ground running.  I had been getting bites though so I must be doing something half right.

Yesterday I headed back out full of vim and vigour.  I arrived on the water well before daylight because I wanted to get my spot only to find someone setting up in there.  How? Why?  Mine was the only car in the car park so where the chuff did he come from?  Just like Mr Ben he’d appeared from nowhere and I wanted to ask him where he’d appeared from but I just chuntered a “good morning” to him as I walked past.  Bloody carp anglers in my spot.

I’d decided to fish with the wind at my back for a change which isn’t something I would normally do but with 45mph gusts I didn’t want to sit facing into the teeth of that, particularly with the wind chill factor, and besides I wanted to Continue reading


Ahoy there me Carpy’s!!

Typical isn’t it?  You go Carping and you don’t catch any.  You go Roach fishing and you’re plagued by the scaley buggers.

I’d decided that as soon as the Christmas festivities were out of the way that I was going to start my Roach campaign.  I’ve dabbled a bit with it the past couple of winter’s but it always takes me time to get my act together and not get distracted by other things.  Now though, my focus is firmly fixed and with a bit of luck i’ll be going all out to catch them this winter, conditions permitting.

We’re not blessed with big Roach waters around here but I headed to one of my local pits that has done some pound plus Roach in the past.  Not wanting to potentially overfeed the fish I put out three spombs of bait to start with and fished two rods over the baited area.  Encouragingly there were Roach splashing on the surface at first light, although admittedly further out than where I was fishing.  After an hour or so I had my first bite that was definitely Roachy.  A couple more followed but they didn’t develop into anything though Continue reading

In pursuit of Roachy’ness

Since my last post i’ve had a number of sessions on the river after yet more Zander and Eels.  Plenty of Zander have come my way but unfortunately no more big one’s and the Eel’s are proving particularly elusive so, after my last session on Thursday I decided to have a bit of a break and have a dabble at something else.

I’ve always fancied the challenge of Roach fishing particularly on a big gravel pit so I headed to one such pit that isn’t known for Roach but where i’ve had them upto 1.10 in the past.  I arrived on the water at 7am and knew exactly where I was heading so it was a big relief to see that no one was in the swim.  The hot weather had finally given way to some more favourable fishing conditions and with the wind howling down the lake and temperatures much more bearable I had high expectations for the day.

I put one rod out just off the marginal shelf to the left and two rods out in a tight area at fourteen yards to my right.  I spombed out my favourite particle mix being careful not to fill it in to start with and just fishing for a bite at a time.  Sat their with the rods out I watched the water that had a really good chop on it before I saw a decent Tench roll in the scum lane that had formed just past the fourteen yard rods.  A short while later another one rolled, although I suppose it could have been the same fish and although they were past where my bait was I had no doubt that the high attraction of my particles and boilies would be within sniffing range of them.  I had been fishing for just over an hour and really was expecting one Continue reading

Bit of a change of scenery.

I decided to take a trip to  a local stillwater today and try out a couple of new swingtip rods that have been stashed away for a few months.  The weather was ideal with no wind and overcast so I put one rod out with a prawn and the other with a big lobby while feeding a line close in with maggots.  I had also taken the pole with the hope of catching a few small Roach to use as deadbaits.

1.9 - A refreshing change from perch.
1.9 – A refreshing change from perch.

The swingtip’s stayed motionless all morning with only the occasional line bites so I decided to try the pole on the line that I had been feeding.  I started off about 4 inches off the bottom but couldn’t buy a bite.  It’s funny how in perfect conditions you struggle for a bite.  I had a play around with the depth of the float before I started to get bites with the bait on the deck.

Swingtips - Old Skooool!!!
Swingtips – Old Skooool!!!

For every 3 bites I managed to hook 1 fish and before long I’d bagged a few decent Roach but unfortunately they were all too big to use as deadbaits.  I then hooked into a better fish which turned out to be a Roach weighing 1.6.  It gave a good account of itself on the pole and after that fish the swim died.

I went back to the swingtip rods and before long I managed a Perch of 1.4.  It was desperately Continue reading