Good weather for a suntan boyo!

There’s not enough time to do everything that I want to do so inevitably some things get neglected.  One of the things to get neglected over the past couple of years has been fly fishing for Pike, with the exception of the Blagdon Pike trials, so it made a nice change to spend two days fishing with the PFFA at their Welsh event.

The weather forecast was for bright sunshine and very little wind on the Saturday and true to form it was exactly that.  Despite this, the group of intrepid anglers managed over fifty fish between them including several doubles.  I struggled managing only 3 fish but these Welsh fish fight like mad.  Looking at the fish they had obviously spawned recently.

We all met in the pub in the evening for a meal and talk about fishing of course, but it was a surprisingly early night in bed as I think everyone was shattered from casting all day in the hot sun.

Sunday morning was a much better day condition wise.  Overcast and a decent ripple, we were on the water for 6:30am.  The fish were much more cagey from the day before but I managed to find a couple of obliging fish, one which I estimated as a low double.  I had lots of takes and fish briefly on but they wouldn’t stick.  As i’d got a long drive back and had other commitments late afternoon I couldn’t fish all day so I made my excuses about 11am and headed back up north.

The rest of the group fished on and caught plenty more fish and it was a thoroughly enjoyable couple of days.  I even came back with a bit of a tan.


Blagdon Bruisers

I don’t think i’ve ever known a situation where the chance to fish for Pike has caused such a furore as when Bristol Water announced they were opening Blagdon Reservoir for Pike trials that were strictly limited to fly anglers.  Throw in the fact that they were charging four hundred pounds per boat per day for the chance of potentially catching a British record and it’s fair to say you’re going to get a few tongues wagging.  I’m not going to go into the politics of it all about whether I think charging that much to fish is value for money Continue reading

It’s Tinca Time – I Wish!!

Does everyone have a bogey fish or is it just me?  Mine without question is Tench.  I cannot for love nor money catch them.  Well I can but only small one’s.  Once mid-May has been and gone I struggle to catch on stillwaters and I always feel though that the fishing switches off.  I don’t know if that’s actually true or if my confidence drops and it affects my catch rates.

So on Saturday night I decided to have a few hours Tench fishing.  I’d originally planned to fish all night but if i’m honest I couldn’t be arsed to get the gear together that I needed for an all nighter.  If truth be told I couldn’t be arsed to get my gear together full stop but what else is there to do on a Saturday night?

I’d tried the maggot feeder approach before and not done particularly well on it and I didn’t want to get plagued out by little fish so this time I decided on a different approach.  I basically just got a small tub and piled in half a tin of Continue reading