Ahoy there me Carpy’s!!

Typical isn’t it?  You go Carping and you don’t catch any.  You go Roach fishing and you’re plagued by the scaley buggers.

I’d decided that as soon as the Christmas festivities were out of the way that I was going to start my Roach campaign.  I’ve dabbled a bit with it the past couple of winter’s but it always takes me time to get my act together and not get distracted by other things.  Now though, my focus is firmly fixed and with a bit of luck i’ll be going all out to catch them this winter, conditions permitting.

We’re not blessed with big Roach waters around here but I headed to one of my local pits that has done some pound plus Roach in the past.  Not wanting to potentially overfeed the fish I put out three spombs of bait to start with and fished two rods over the baited area.  Encouragingly there were Roach splashing on the surface at first light, although admittedly further out than where I was fishing.  After an hour or so I had my first bite that was definitely Roachy.  A couple more followed but they didn’t develop into anything though Continue reading


Just call me “El Blanko”

So you could be forgiven for thinking that i’d dropped off the face of the Earth.  I haven’t obviously but my catch rate certainly has.  With the decent weather we’ve been having the past few weeks i’ve been down on the river after a Barbel or three but my last four trips have all been blanks which is really odd.  In fact I haven’t even had a bite.  I haven’t been getting down until after dark and although I don’t have a problem with that it can make picking out likely looking spots tricky.

A couple of trips after the Zander have also resulted in blanks so I decided to have a bit of a change and have another session on The Monument after The Carp.

There was only three of us on M1 with a lot more anglers choosing to fish M2.  As I sat in the car to let people get their tickets and sort themselves out I was dazzled by something coming up the drive.  I know carp anglers like their vans but this thing had spotlights on the front, top and lights all down both sides.  Honestly I thought the venga bus had turned up to take me to Ibiza.  For the rest of the day all I had going around my head was “the venga bus is coming”.

Conditions were perfect.  Mild, overcast and drizzly.  I’d spent quite a bit of time preparing for the trip.  I’d got my methods all sussed out and rigs made to suit.  The guys in the office gave me the low down on which areas to target.  If I do say so myself I fished like a demon.  My casting was pinpoint accurate, so was my baiting and I don’t think I could have fished better if I tried.  Despite a couple of liners the first day went without any action, apart from a coot that picked my bait up and nearly gave me a heart attack.

On the second day I decided to have a cast about a bit more and see if I could land on a fish.  Just before lunch a couple of fish moved towards the middle so I put both rods out where i’d seen them.  It was all very quiet though.

My session passed without a bite but despite this I loved every minute of it.  The sunrise on the first morning was stunning.  It would have been nice to get a pre-Christmas fish.  I’ve got a trip somewhere organised for next week so hopefully that fish will turn into a pre-New Year fish and the year will end on a high.

In pursuit of Roachy’ness

Since my last post i’ve had a number of sessions on the river after yet more Zander and Eels.  Plenty of Zander have come my way but unfortunately no more big one’s and the Eel’s are proving particularly elusive so, after my last session on Thursday I decided to have a bit of a break and have a dabble at something else.

I’ve always fancied the challenge of Roach fishing particularly on a big gravel pit so I headed to one such pit that isn’t known for Roach but where i’ve had them upto 1.10 in the past.  I arrived on the water at 7am and knew exactly where I was heading so it was a big relief to see that no one was in the swim.  The hot weather had finally given way to some more favourable fishing conditions and with the wind howling down the lake and temperatures much more bearable I had high expectations for the day.

I put one rod out just off the marginal shelf to the left and two rods out in a tight area at fourteen yards to my right.  I spombed out my favourite particle mix being careful not to fill it in to start with and just fishing for a bite at a time.  Sat their with the rods out I watched the water that had a really good chop on it before I saw a decent Tench roll in the scum lane that had formed just past the fourteen yard rods.  A short while later another one rolled, although I suppose it could have been the same fish and although they were past where my bait was I had no doubt that the high attraction of my particles and boilies would be within sniffing range of them.  I had been fishing for just over an hour and really was expecting one Continue reading

No one ever said it was gonna be easy!!

As once sang by the Inspiral Carpets and the late Mark E Smith.  They were right too.

I really wanted to get an edge on these Carp in the river that i’ve been trying to catch so Tuesday and Wednesday saw me heading down to the river to bait up.  It was an effort though.  The new spot really is on the cusp of how far I want to drive to put bait in but if you want to make a difference you really do have to go that extra mile I suppose.  While baiting up I sat and watched the river for a good hour but didn’t see anything of any size moving.

Last night I headed down to fish the baited areas but waited a bit longer than usual due to the heat.  It had been a stifling day but thankfully when I left home there was some much needed cloud cover.  I made my first cast out just after half six and put the 3 rods in the same positions as before.  My heart was telling me to expect a bite straight away but my head was telling me to stop being stupid.  It’s a big bit of river and the bait from the last two nights might not have been touched but I couldn’t help but feel optimistic.

Nothing happened during the evening and it wasn’t until it got fully dark before I heard fish starting to move.  A couple of Barbel crashed out Continue reading

Vive La France

This year saw me taking a break from spending a week at Weston Park for my annual Carp trip and heading to France instead in search of sunnier climbs.  I’ve never fished in France before so it was all new to me.  I was looking forward to it but part of me thought it was cheating a bit by going there to catch big fish.  Not sure why I thought that but probably because i feel like i’ve not exhausted my UK Carp fishing yet, or indeed scratched the surface.

Anyway, the venue of choice was St Leonards Carp Fishery near Ranes in Normandy where Mr C had fished a few times before.  Approximately four and a half hours from the chunnel it’s an old mill pond around two and a half acres with some big fish reaching 60+.  There is also a smaller pond with some big carp to over 40+ and cats approaching 100. Fishing the bigger pond I put two rods under the bank about 60 yards away and the other two about 120 yards away near some snags.  The first fish turned out to be a Grass Carp weighing 11.2 which was more than welcome as i’d never caught one before.  The fight was terrible though.  I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be able to fight it’s way out of a wet chip bag although it did beat me up a bit when it was on the bank.

11.2 Grass Carp. Not sure why I have the expression of a blow up doll.

Mr C was pulling the big Carp out in the next peg though with a 36.8 followed by a 45.12.  I managed a couple of low twenty Commons weighing 20.2 and 22.4 aswell as losing a couple of others due to hook pulls.

The weather for the next couple of days was horrendous though.  We had two days of solid rain and when I mean solid I mean solid.  There wasn’t a break in the Continue reading