Ding! Ding! – Round 2

It’s fair to say I couldn’t wait for our return trip to fly fish for Pike on Blagdon.  If you’ve read the first post then the second trip had a lot to live upto.  Of course the fish have been targeted everyday since our last trip a week previously and would therefore probably be a bit more skittish.  But, who cares?  It’s not often you get the chance to target the fish of a lifetime and I couldn’t wait to get back down there.  I knew we’d catch some fish and we did.

It was going to be an interesting day as there were some good anglers on and my only concern was that they were all going to target the same area where we caught last time.  It’s surprising how small a water Blagdon is when there are a few boats on and i’ve never been one to jostle for position to get the best spots.  Sure enough the majority of the boats all headed for that particular area and although we didn’t feel particularly comfortable we stuck it out.  An hour came and went and although i’d had a pluck and a fish on very briefly it was all a bit slow.  We’d not seen a fish caught yet and then BANG!!  Something hit the fly and it was game on.  I can honestly say i’ve never had fish fight as hard as these.  Everytime I got it up near the surface, down it went again.  It went round the back of the boat, in front of the boat, Continue reading