As another season passes.

Once again yet another river season has drawn to a close, only this one has ended on a whimper rather than a bang which is a complete reverse to how it started.  The season started off the back of my most successful Bream fishing campaign to date.  I was lucky enough to catch a few double figure fish including four fish with a combined weight of a fraction just under 48lb which isn’t bad going for round here.  I only had one target for this years coming river season and that was to get my first double figure Zander from the Trent and I wouldn’t fish for anything else until I achieved it.   

I’m fortunate enough, or I was at the time, to have a job that allows me some flexibility to get on the river after work.  As soon as my son went back to his mothers on a Tuesday evening I would set off  for the river and fish until around midnight before repeating the process the next day or the day after.  The weekends when I didn’t have him saw me down on the river but I was never in a rush to get there too early and as long as I got there for 7pm I was happy.  It takes time to build up a picture of the river and where the fish are going to be.  The previous couple of seasons were spent doing the ground work,  catching plenty of fish but all the time learning where the fish were and tweaking rigs to make sure I gave myself the best possible chance of achieving my target.  The thing is with Trent Zander, you have to wade through a lot of little ones before you get to the big one’s and my task would be made even harder by the fact I didn’t want to fish the middle to lower Trent because of the amount of other anglers that would be fishing.  The first few weeks passed and as predicted plenty of fish were caught but nothing bigger than about six and a half pounds.  Although I was catching, something had to change to give me the best chance possible to achieve my goal.  I was fishing two or three nights a week but it didn’t feel like it was enough so I sat down and worked out the nights I could be on the bank that didn’t interfere with child care or work arrangements.  Week one would see me fishing 3 nights on the trot and week two would see me fishing 5 nights on the bounce with the plan to at least fish until midnight on a work day and then until the early hours on a weekend. Continue reading


Wah Wah Wahhhhh!!!

“You spend more time looking down there than you do at me.  Look at you, still looking down there.  I could be anywhere and you wouldn’t know because you spend all your time looking down there.”

“Have you caught anything mate?”  came the voice.  “Are you still looking down there?”  Eventually the miserable hag caught up with her husband just as I was explaining to the hen pecked man that I hadn’t caught anything.  No wonder he’d got the hood on his coat pulled as tight as possible, it was probably to try and drown out her constant whining.  Turns out the man in question used to fish that stretch quite a bit and I would like to have found out a bit more but all the while his wife was tugging at his coat to chivvy him along.  She was so annoying, even I wanted to tell her to “shut the f**k up and leave him alone”.  As they tottered off I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the poor bastard as she continued to chip away at him.  If she’s like that in public what must she be like at home?  I don’t care if you look like Nicole Kidman there is no way I could put up with listening to that until I took my last breath.

Anyway, relationship advice dispensed, back to the fishing.  With the weather still on the mild side I thought i’d go and try and winkle out a Barbel while having a sneaky Zander rod down the edge.  Not knowing the potential I put the two Barbel Continue reading

Mixing it up.

After a few weeks of chilling it’s back to work now so trips out will be less frequent for the next month.  For the last few trips i’ve been mixing it up a bit.  It’s very easy to get fixated on a particular target that you have and although it’s good to be in that mindset, sometimes it pays to take a step back and do something a bit different.

I decided to dust the trout gear off and head off to a ressie for a bit of fry bashing.  The conditions were good with the exception of the wind which was blowing me away from where I wanted to be.  The plan was to fish a big fly among the weed beds to see what was about.  I could have fished a smaller fly and caught more fish but I’m enjoying fishing for the bigger stuff at the minute.  In then end it turned out to be an interesting day with three fish landed, the biggest being a Rainbow about 4lb with one slightly smaller and a Brownie about 3.8.  I also managed a couple of Perch and had a couple of follows off of fish that looked over 3lb.  I’ve noted Continue reading

Back to the river – again!

I wasn’t planning on going back on the river this week.  The plan was to go Carp fishing for a couple of days but after the trip to Blagdon I had a few things I needed to do and I also felt like i’d gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson after battling with those Pike so I decided to chill out at home and then go down to the river for an evening.

Last week I heard a lot of fish boshing downstream from where I was fishing so that is where I headed.  First though I had to clear an area where I could get in and physically fish.  As is usual I got to the river a bit early but I cast in a few bags of fishy goodness to get a bed of bait down and sat back with a brew waiting for darkness.

Bags of fishy goodness.

I was hoping I might get the odd bite from a Chub or two while I was waiting but other than a few small fish splashing on the surface close in everything remained quiet.  I knew it was going to be another case of sitting it out in the dark in the hope of a bite.  The trouble is bites a few and far between with me only catching two fish Barbel in several trips.   Continue reading

Quick Catch Up

Thursday saw me on the river for another crack at getting a PB Barbel and while the weather is still good I need to make the most of it.  We’d had a lot of rain on the Wednesday  night and it normally takes a day before it starts to filter through to where I was fishing.  One rod was placed two thirds of the way across the river and another mid-river.  The far rod was fished using a groundbait feeder and the mid river rod was a mix of pellet/boilies in a pva bag.  The idea was to keep casting regularly while it was light to get a good bed of bait down in the hope of drawing a few fish in.  I knew I would probably get pestered by Bream on the groundbait feeder but I don’t mind that as I think it brings the Barbel in.  I did manage three Bream but the Barbel were elusive.  The river was on the rise rapidly as the rain from the previous night had finally arrived.  The mid-river rod remained static though.

Last night saw me on a change of river as I was late getting there and I didn’t want to spend precious time sat in traffic.  I’d got three different areas in mind and when Continue reading