Where have all the fish gone?

I can’t offer any photo’s and I can’t offer you any stories of fish caught because I haven’t caught any.  Isn’t it strange how things can come to an abrupt end?  Despite putting the hours in I am having one of those spells where I can’t catch anything.  The fish seem to be on the feed according to photo’s on Facebook but maybe they are just doing a good job at avoiding my baits.

Recent trips after Bream and then Barbel have all remained biteless with the exception of one night when I lost two fish when out Barbel fishing.  One of those was a Chub that slipped the hook just as I was thinking about netting it and the other, judging by the bite, was a Barbel.  Unfortunately a big blob of pva was masking the hook point so I never managed to set the hook.   Continue reading


Return to Breamsville.

I’d been looking forward to a change from river fishing so the plan today was to head down the M1 to a series of pits in search of some big slabs.  My Bream fishing has generally been confined to Spring but as nothing else was really grabbing my attention I thought i’d head down there and have a few hours sat behind a couple of buzzers.

I’d forgot that the nights were getting longer and it was a bit of a shock when the alarm went off and it was still dark but at least I had the drive to help me come round.

Picking a swim on such a massive expanse of water is like a lottery.  If you were to search for the fish visually it could be an all day affair so it was a case of just looking for somewhere that looked fishy and using what little knowledge I had from fishing it previously.

A few casts with the marker rod found a nice clear area and out went 10 balls of groundbait.  I didn’t want to put too much out to start with because I wasn’t sure if there were any fish around and how hungry they were.  Funnily enough my rods were still clipped up from Continue reading

Autumnal Overtures

It’s been a bit of a quiet week this week and last night was the only night i’ve been out fishing.  I’ve been trying to burn the candle at both ends recently and I have to say I needed a couple of nights of doing nothing.  Last night though I was filled with vim and vigour and fancied getting back out in search of fish.  Did I fancy Zander or Barbel though?  In the end I plumped for Barbel only because all my stuff was in order from the last time I went out.  I did fancy a new stretch of river so headed off with my sat nav on and a map.

On arrival I was greeted with a padlock that none of my keys fitted.  I’m pretty sure i’d got the right place as there didn’t appear to be any other access points.  A bit miffed I headed around to the other side of the river, which took longer than expected in the rush hour traffic.  I didn’t really like the look of it though with lots of weed drifting down although with Continue reading

Having a mooch around.

On the lookout for a big pussy.

So, this week i’ve been having a bit of a mooch around and trying a few different things.  I’m trying to build up a picture of the river having neglected the Barbel fishing over the past few years.  The problem was, I had a hankering to have a go for something else totally unrelated to river fishing so, on Tuesday night I decided at relatively short notice to visit a lake that has a good head of catfish.  I’ve been slowly building up my armoury so I could have a go at fishing for them and I can’t say that I envisaged having a pop at them until next year but I wanted a change so decided to have a crack at them.

The lake in question is quite popular and I was worried about what might greet me on arrival.  It’s fair to say i’d heard good and bad about the place and when I caught a glimpse of the lake I could see two caravans.  Christ on a bike, that’s all I needed.  It looked like the gypo’s had moved in.  Anyway, my initial panic was quickly laid to rest as one of them belonged to the bailiff and the other was Mick Brown.  Gone is the crappy old campervan you used to see him driving on the TV, to be replaced with a caravan and a big 4×4.  Who says fishing doesn’t pay?

Anyway I setup home out of the way and put three rods out, two fishing pellet and the other chunks of mackerel and herring.  Twenty minutes after casting in, one of the rods was away Continue reading

Short but Sweet

I’m really enjoying these short evening sessions at the minute, although last nights was even shorter than normal.  I got home from work and all I really fancied doing was getting on the sofa and putting my feet up.  The problem is, although my body wants to rest, my head won’t let me.  My brain is constantly nagging me about how I won’t catch any fish sat at home.  I was deliberating for a while before I finally got my arse into gear and put the stuff in the car.  When I haven’t been fishing i’ve still been going to the river and putting a bit of bait in a few spots to try and make the most of the short sessions so, on the days I haven’t had my boy it’s been a case of go to work, come home, go the river and repeat on a daily basis.

It was the best part of 8pm when I finally sat down in my chair with the rod fishing down the edge.  I really fancied this spot and although I fished it Tuesday evening and blanked it just looked too god damned good to blank again.  I’d made up some little pva bags with a mix of pellets and boilies and I actually felt like I was fishing properly.   None of this chucking six ounce of lead halfway across the river, this was up close and intimate.  Unbeknown to me the river was up and coloured on my arrival.  I didn’t feel the need to check the levels because to my knowledge we hadn’t had any rain to speak of.  We had some the previous night, which I presumed was just a shower but it was obvious we’d had a lot more Continue reading