Blagdon Bruisers

I don’t think i’ve ever known a situation where the chance to fish for Pike has caused such a furore as when Bristol Water announced they were opening Blagdon Reservoir for Pike trials that were strictly limited to fly anglers.  Throw in the fact that they were charging four hundred pounds per boat per day for the chance of potentially catching a British record and it’s fair to say you’re going to get a few tongues wagging.  I’m not going to go into the politics of it all about whether I think charging that much to fish is value for money Continue reading


Quick Catch Up

Thursday saw me on the river for another crack at getting a PB Barbel and while the weather is still good I need to make the most of it.  We’d had a lot of rain on the Wednesday  night and it normally takes a day before it starts to filter through to where I was fishing.  One rod was placed two thirds of the way across the river and another mid-river.  The far rod was fished using a groundbait feeder and the mid river rod was a mix of pellet/boilies in a pva bag.  The idea was to keep casting regularly while it was light to get a good bed of bait down in the hope of drawing a few fish in.  I knew I would probably get pestered by Bream on the groundbait feeder but I don’t mind that as I think it brings the Barbel in.  I did manage three Bream but the Barbel were elusive.  The river was on the rise rapidly as the rain from the previous night had finally arrived.  The mid-river rod remained static though.

Last night saw me on a change of river as I was late getting there and I didn’t want to spend precious time sat in traffic.  I’d got three different areas in mind and when Continue reading

A Diamond among the rough.

For a long time I appear to have been living a lie.  Well today I decided it’s time I came out of the closet and announced to the world that I am in actual fact…………………… “a specimen hunter”.  There you go i’ve said it, it’s out there and I feel better for having the burden lifted from my puny shoulders.  They say there is never a good time to come out but i’ve been doing a lot of soul searching recently hence the reason for my admission now.  I’d always classed myself as just your average angler.  Yes I fished waters that held big fish and yes I was hoping to catch them but a switch was flicked in my head quite a while ago that I chose to ignore.  I always said that I never set targets and goals and that was true to a point.  I always wanted to break my pb’s but I didn’t go out with that in mind, that was until I decided that I wanted to catch my first double figure Zander.  For a couple of years it became a bit of an obsession and looking back this was the tipping point, as time went on I decided that was all I was going to fish for until I achieved my target.  The all important word there being “target”, a word that I had never really liked using.

Then, once i’d caught that target it was as if it was game over, time to move on and catch something else.  Now i’m having the same thought’s about Barbel.  Pretty much all i’ve done this Summer is fish for them and try and catch my PB.  I know you can rock up to a few stretches of the Trent and be in with an above average chance of beating Continue reading

Where’s Delia when you need her?

As Delia so eloquently put it when pissed up on Prosecco, “where are you, Where Are You, LET’S BE AVIN YOU!!!!!, COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!” I found myself stood atop of a flood bank, high on caffeine and Kit-Kat’s, shouting something not too dissimilar myself but rather than have 20,000 football fans mock me, all I had as an audience was two swans, 5 cygnets and a Tawny Owl.  It was a tough crowd with much heckling to be had.  Everyone seemed to approve except the Owl who showed his displeasure by swooping at my head later in the night scaring the bejesus out of me.  I can see the headline in the Daily Sport now “Man scalped by angry owl as he surfs Tinder with his rod in his hand”.

The last couple of weeks had been hard going.  Several new spots had been tried and despite a couple of fish lost it had been a struggle.  But isn’t that all part of the fun?  Yes you can fish where everybody else fishes but where is the satisfaction in that?  You learn very little by following in someone else’s footsteps.

Last night though I needed a bite and a fish so I revisited a favourite area.  It was still a peg I hadn’t fished before but it wasn’t a million miles Continue reading

Where have all the fish gone?

I can’t offer any photo’s and I can’t offer you any stories of fish caught because I haven’t caught any.  Isn’t it strange how things can come to an abrupt end?  Despite putting the hours in I am having one of those spells where I can’t catch anything.  The fish seem to be on the feed according to photo’s on Facebook but maybe they are just doing a good job at avoiding my baits.

Recent trips after Bream and then Barbel have all remained biteless with the exception of one night when I lost two fish when out Barbel fishing.  One of those was a Chub that slipped the hook just as I was thinking about netting it and the other, judging by the bite, was a Barbel.  Unfortunately a big blob of pva was masking the hook point so I never managed to set the hook.   Continue reading