Well isn’t that typical?

With the weather being “el scorchio” these past few days it’s left me in a pickle as to what to target.  My Bream fishing this Spring has been a complete failure really.  The cold and wet weather ruined my early Spring fishing as I struggled to get to the good spots and now when my Breaming should be peaking we’ve got bright sunshine and no wind which is hardly conducive to catching a slab or two.  Only having every other weekend free has also made it tricky.  Anyway, this weekend I was free and i’d been looking forward to it as it was to be my last Bream session of the Spring.  I’d been keeping an eye on the weather for the past ten days and it was going to be a scorcher.  Definitely not Bream weather so I reluctantly made the decision to switch to Tench.

Rather than fish through the heat of the day I decided to fish overnight.  I arrived and was greeted by a stack of Carp on the surface some which were a very good size indeed.  Fortunately i’d brought some floating pellets to try as I had a feeling there would be a good chance to catch one or two fish off the surface.  Hastily, I set the floater rod up and cast out with a small pva bag of freebies around the hookbait.  Immediately I was dive bombed by a squadron of black headed gulls.  I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that floater fishing is Continue reading


Vive La France

This year saw me taking a break from spending a week at Weston Park for my annual Carp trip and heading to France instead in search of sunnier climbs.  I’ve never fished in France before so it was all new to me.  I was looking forward to it but part of me thought it was cheating a bit by going there to catch big fish.  Not sure why I thought that but probably because i feel like i’ve not exhausted my UK Carp fishing yet, or indeed scratched the surface.

Anyway, the venue of choice was St Leonards Carp Fishery near Ranes in Normandy where Mr C had fished a few times before.  Approximately four and a half hours from the chunnel it’s an old mill pond around two and a half acres with some big fish reaching 60+.  There is also a smaller pond with some big carp to over 40+ and cats approaching 100. Fishing the bigger pond I put two rods under the bank about 60 yards away and the other two about 120 yards away near some snags.  The first fish turned out to be a Grass Carp weighing 11.2 which was more than welcome as i’d never caught one before.  The fight was terrible though.  I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be able to fight it’s way out of a wet chip bag although it did beat me up a bit when it was on the bank.

11.2 Grass Carp. Not sure why I have the expression of a blow up doll.

Mr C was pulling the big Carp out in the next peg though with a 36.8 followed by a 45.12.  I managed a couple of low twenty Commons weighing 20.2 and 22.4 aswell as losing a couple of others due to hook pulls.

The weather for the next couple of days was horrendous though.  We had two days of solid rain and when I mean solid I mean solid.  There wasn’t a break in the Continue reading

Good weather for a suntan boyo!

There’s not enough time to do everything that I want to do so inevitably some things get neglected.  One of the things to get neglected over the past couple of years has been fly fishing for Pike, with the exception of the Blagdon Pike trials, so it made a nice change to spend two days fishing with the PFFA at their Welsh event.

The weather forecast was for bright sunshine and very little wind on the Saturday and true to form it was exactly that.  Despite this, the group of intrepid anglers managed over fifty fish between them including several doubles.  I struggled managing only 3 fish but these Welsh fish fight like mad.  Looking at the fish they had obviously spawned recently.

We all met in the pub in the evening for a meal and talk about fishing of course, but it was a surprisingly early night in bed as I think everyone was shattered from casting all day in the hot sun.

Sunday morning was a much better day condition wise.  Overcast and a decent ripple, we were on the water for 6:30am.  The fish were much more cagey from the day before but I managed to find a couple of obliging fish, one which I estimated as a low double.  I had lots of takes and fish briefly on but they wouldn’t stick.  As i’d got a long drive back and had other commitments late afternoon I couldn’t fish all day so I made my excuses about 11am and headed back up north.

The rest of the group fished on and caught plenty more fish and it was a thoroughly enjoyable couple of days.  I even came back with a bit of a tan.

Too good to be Cru

Just under the magical 2lb mark at 1.14

A couple of years ago I headed into deepest darkest Norfolk in search of a bar of gold at the end of the A11 in the hope of catching a pb Crucian which was my longest standing pb.  The thing I remember most vividly from that trip is the fact that it seemed to take an age to get there despite only being around 170 miles.  The fishery itself was called Rocklands Mere and was stunning and although I managed to catch one small Crucian over the two days it wasn’t as productive as I had obviously hoped.  I caught plenty of other fish but the drive there was such an enduring event that I couldn’t see myself going again.

Then around this time last year I had a window of opportunity where I fancied another crack at catching some more Crucians and despite speaking to a few people and fisheries Continue reading

And so it begins.

The wait begins.

I look forward to the close of the river season more than the start of it these days as it signals the start of my stillwater Bream fishing.  The only problem with it is, it’s over in the blink of an eye.  By mid to late May the best of the fishing is over so I try to make the most of it in the two short months i’ve got.

I arrived at the water at 6:30am but couldn’t fish where I wanted due to the ground being waterlogged.  You can normally get your car so far round and then walk the last 20 minutes or so but there was no way I was attempting that with all the rain we’ve had.  So I decided to fish a completely different area today and by that I mean next to the car.   I really didn’t expect to catch today if i’m honest.  The water is still bitterly cold and the weather has hardly been settled over the past few weeks.  I even got a snow warning for the weekend come through Continue reading