Please Sir, can I have some more?

It’s been a while.

My previous post saw me going Barbel fishing for the first time in a few years to one of my local rivers which was a joy because nobody fishes it and the fish are big.  The fact that the fish are big makes them very hard to catch though because there are so few of them.  I do like a challenge when it comes to fishing but I’m in that frame of mind at the minute where I just want to get my string pulled.

I’ve resisted fishing the Trent for Barbel for a while now because, if you look at social media, people are saying they’ve had god knows how many Barbel on their last trip with a gazillion doubles amongst them blah blah blah……….  Well i’m sorry, but you’d have to be a pretty awful angler not to catch on some stretches of the river.  In fact i’ll rephrase that, you’d have to be a complete numpty not to catch.  So, all these reports of double figure Barbel caught from the circus of Collingham or Gunthorpe weir really do not impress me and do I really want to sit amongst a bunch of people getting pissed and smoking weed all day?  No I don’t.

Anyway, back to the job in hand, despite what i’ve put above Continue reading

A Welcome Distraction

It felt good to be out again.

For the first time in a few years now I decided to revisit one of my old Barbel stomping grounds.  Like most things, when they start to get popular I go the other way and move onto something else as I hate jostling for pegs and that is what happened when the Barbel fishing started to get popular on the river.

On arrival there were no other cars and if i’m honest I wasn’t expecting there to be as on the odd occasion that i’ve driven past I haven’t seen any parked up which suggested to fishing had declined significantly since the days when multiple catches were possible.

Walking down to the swim it was obvious no one had fished it or if they had then there was very little evidence.  What struck me though was how much the river had changed.  It was almost unrecognisable.  Areas that used to be clear were now choked with weed from one bank to the other resulting in very little Continue reading

Wishing on a Star

Mission accomplished!!

I’m so tired I’m struggling to get the words out of my head and onto the computer.  I’ve just done five nights out of the last seven on the river in search of Zander.  Not just any Zander but a double figure Zander.  My quest for this elusive fish started 2 years ago and although I’ve caught stacks of Zeds the wait for a double figure fish continued.

The five nights that i’ve done this week have involved getting to the river early evening and staying until the small hours the next day before getting up for work and repeating the process.  The drive up and down the motorway was done on autopilot and gave me ample time to chew over where to try next and what tactics to employ on my next trip.

So, the fishing extravaganza started out with catching my second catfish out of the trent earlier in the week.  That was quite an evening but the trips after that Continue reading

Who let the Cat’s out – Meow Meow Meow Meow!!!

Why pussy, how nice to see you!

What better thing to do on a wet Tuesday evening than to walk for a mile from the car in the rain through chest high nettles and balsam wearing your Winter bib and brace to try and catch a fish? Oh and why not throw in the fact that you’ve got to be up for work just after 5am to add to the fun.

I finally cast out at 8pm and sat back in my chair wondering how the next four hours might pan out.  This bit of the river was relatively new to me as I had only fly fished it for Pike previously but I was trying to find somewhere that held some bigger Zander than the one’s i’d recently been catching.  It was obviously never fished because it was a struggle to fight my way through the undergrowth.  I’d setup in the same way as I always do with a chunk of roach Continue reading

Back for another bite of the Cherry.

Never go back they say.  Well last night I did because I wanted to see what was causing those bites that I missed.

Well I guess i’ll never know.  Different day, different conditions and the fish weren’t playing ball.  I did manage three small Zander but bites were very few and far between with only 5 bites in 10 hours fishing.  As is usually the case the best bite came as I was packing up.  The rod tip wrenched over and was bouncing away but the strike was met with thin air.  I reeled in the find the hook had got wrapped around the hair and inverted itself so whatever it was wasn’t going to get hooked.  I would have had another cast but i’d just thrown the last of my deadbaits in the river.  Bummer!!!!!

I don’t think my quest for a double figure Zander from the river is going to happen in this spot.  Previous years had produced fish of a decent size but now it seems to be overrun by little one’s.  Time for a rethink.