I have been keeping a hand written fishing diary since 1986 but over the last couple of years got out of the habit of writing in it.  It’s a shame really as there is nothing better on a winters eve than revisiting trips from years gone by.  It’s amazing how when you read about past trips it brings back those little details that may well have been forgotten.

My resolution for 2015 was to start writing it again so that in years to come I can again enjoy reading it with a mug of coffee in hand.  I also thought it was about time I did a bit of an online blog about my fishing exploits and anything else fishy related.

I class myself as an average angler and I enjoy targetting most species using a variety of methods.  I’m not a specimen angler by any means although I have been blessed with catching some nice fish.

Hopefully you will find some of the articles interesting and amusing and heavens forbid engaging.  If you don’t, well please accept my apologies.