Double Disaster

Last night wasn’t my night bro.  In fact i’d had all day to pick the perfect swim and I managed to cock that up.  I went to a new area and had a chuck around with a lead to find some likely areas.  I settled on a deep pool with a depth of around twenty foot.  Big mistake, too deep, too big an area and never had a bite.  Found some sexy looking Barbel spots though and in hindsight wish i’d gone with those in mind.

More lessons learned.  Clocks change this weekend damn it.


One thought on “Double Disaster

  1. FeatherToFloat November 24, 2018 / 4:37 pm

    I love fishing deep waters. My local river is around 15ft and it holds some monsters. I use a 14ft rod that helps. Winter fishing is here and barbel will be on my list. 👍


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