Mixing it up.

After a few weeks of chilling it’s back to work now so trips out will be less frequent for the next month.  For the last few trips i’ve been mixing it up a bit.  It’s very easy to get fixated on a particular target that you have and although it’s good to be in that mindset, sometimes it pays to take a step back and do something a bit different.

I decided to dust the trout gear off and head off to a ressie for a bit of fry bashing.  The conditions were good with the exception of the wind which was blowing me away from where I wanted to be.  The plan was to fish a big fly among the weed beds to see what was about.  I could have fished a smaller fly and caught more fish but I’m enjoying fishing for the bigger stuff at the minute.  In then end it turned out to be an interesting day with three fish landed, the biggest being a Rainbow about 4lb with one slightly smaller and a Brownie about 3.8.  I also managed a couple of Perch and had a couple of follows off of fish that looked over 3lb.  I’ve noted everything in my little black book in readiness for another trip there when the season opens again next year.

The next day it was back on the Barbel.  The river had fined down nice and there was a bit extra on and it had a bit of colour in it too.  I’d pretty much given up hope of catching a decent Barbel in daylight hours but I figured if I was going to be in with a chance then the best time would be with it running with a bit of colour.  I started fishing about 4pm and only fished with one rod to start with as I wasn’t sure how fishable it would be with the amount of weed coming down.  I figured i’d give it an hour and if the weed and debris was bad then I would move to somewhere with less flow while I still had enough daylight.  Not expecting a bite anytime soon I sat back and assessed the situation.  Half an hour later the rod tip yanked round before dropping back.  I hit into a good solid fish and I knew I was into a decent fish.  It didn’t shoot off downstream or do anything spectacular but everytime I gained a bit of line it took it back.  Eventually I gained a bit and could feel the line going through one of the last remaining weed beds.  I could feel it grinding against the line and things were starting to get a bit twitchy when inexplicably the hook pulled.  I reeled in and both boilies were still on the hook and the hook point was still sharp so I can only assume that it wasn’t a good hook hold.  My stomach was churning as I knew it was a big fish and probably the fish that i’d been waiting for all Summer.  I played the scenario over and over in my head trying to make some sense of it but no matter how many times you replay it, it’s not going to make the slightest bit of difference to the outcome.  For this to happen in the daytime aswell was an even bigger kick in the nuts.  I did manage a couple of fish after dark including a distinctive Chub of 5.3 and a Barbel just under 7lb but I knew I may have just blown my chance of getting that pb Barbel this year.

The next day saw me back on the river armed with a bucket of lobworms more as a bit of a pleasure session than anything else.  I really wanted to see what was about and if a big Perch or Chub came along then who am I to argue.  I fished a few spots but kept getting bitted out wherever I fished.  The lobworm’s were getting ravaged by little fish and I ended the day with a blank.

My last session was on the river after the Zander.  The weather had dropped cooler this past week and I really fancied sitting it out in the hope of a decent Zed.  The weather was a couple of degrees cooler still yesterday and I really thought it might knock them off but I went anyway as you can always learn something.  The session was a total failure with no bites whatsoever although there were plenty of fish topping despite the cold wind with some of them being a decent size.

With Winter comes a lot more blanks and i’m starting to get into that mindset now.  There are getting to be many more blanks to come and I haven’t really got an idea of what i’m going to be after yet.

So there you have it, all upto date now.



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