Back for another bite of the Cherry.

Never go back they say.  Well last night I did because I wanted to see what was causing those bites that I missed.

Well I guess i’ll never know.  Different day, different conditions and the fish weren’t playing ball.  I did manage three small Zander but bites were very few and far between with only 5 bites in 10 hours fishing.  As is usually the case the best bite came as I was packing up.  The rod tip wrenched over and was bouncing away but the strike was met with thin air.  I reeled in the find the hook had got wrapped around the hair and inverted itself so whatever it was wasn’t going to get hooked.  I would have had another cast but i’d just thrown the last of my deadbaits in the river.  Bummer!!!!!

I don’t think my quest for a double figure Zander from the river is going to happen in this spot.  Previous years had produced fish of a decent size but now it seems to be overrun by little one’s.  Time for a rethink.


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