It’s a Sitch up Guv!!!

I think i’ve died and gone to heaven!

I was looking forward to doing my first session on the Sitch, with the plan to fish from Sunday evening through to Tuesday morning.  At 20 acres and with a good head of Carp I was more than confident when I drove through the gates and giddiness had taken hold the moment I left the house.    On seeing the lake it was just how I remembered it when myself and Mr C walked around it a couple of months back now.  The hard bit would be choosing which swim to fish.  The good news was there was only four people there when I arrived with one of them packing up to leave.

The fishing had been hard apparently but that wasn’t a problem as i’m always up for a challenge.  Besides i’d brought a float rod and some sweetcorn to fish for the billions of Roach and Rudd that were also in the lake so that was more than enough to keep me occupied.

Surveying the lake I could see Carp swimming with their backs out of the water at the far end of the lake so that was where I headed.  I chose a swim where I could see fish close in as I didn’t really want to fish at distance if I could help it.

Peace and tranquility.

I placed two rods at about thirty yards, settled down with a brew and fired out a few dog biscuits to see if they were interested in any surface baits.  The short answer was “no they weren’t”.  I was a bit shocked by that.  I don’t think i’ve ever fished anywhere where the Carp haven’t taken baits off the surface.

As it got dark I went to bed full of expectation and being bitten to death by the mozzies.  They were the only bites I got all night though as with the exception of one blip the rods remained static.  Monday I tweaked the rigs a little and switched from helicopters to straight leads although this was more of a psychological thing than anything else.

Swim perfect!

To pass time I setup a float rod and spent a few hours catching a Roach or Rudd every cast and I mean every cast.  They were all hand sized fish too but nothing that was going to set the world alight.  The carp weren’t playing ball though and it seems that night time seems to be the only time that i’m confident about getting a bite.  Surely I couldn’t go two nights without a bite?  Well I did.  Even though I could hear fish boshing out of the water the rods remained motionless again and I woke up to hear the patter of rain on the bivvy.  I made a brew and stood surveying the lake and could see fish fizzing all over the lake but nobody was catching.  Speaking to some of the other anglers they had suffered a similar fate to me.

As I drove away from the lake I decided to leave it until September when it cools down a bit and the nights are longer.  I’d enjoyed my first session on the water despite not catching.


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