Zander Bashing

With the rivers now open it would be rude not to have a bit of a Zander session.  I’d truly love to catch a really big Zed well into double figures.  I can imagine they must look magnificent.  I fished my usual tactics of hair rigged roach section but rather than use my quivertip rods I used the 1.25tc Korum’s.  It had given it quite windy so I didn’t want to look at a couple of tips bouncing around (I did say tips not tits).

I arrived just after 5pm and the plan was to fish until around midnight.  I cast the hair rigged roach and swimfeeder full of mashed up roach out towards a snag to my right and quickly set about getting the second rod rigged up.  A quick look at the first rod and the tip was bouncing away and the bobbin jerked up towards the rod.  I struck into thin air.  It’s amazing how many times this seems to happen when fishing for the Zeds.  If the fish are there they are on the bait straight away.  I cast the rod back out and managed to get the second rod out a couple of minutes later.  On the second rod I fished a bot of Roach section popped up off the bottom using rig foam.

Within two minutes the tip of the popped up section of Roach banged over violently and then banged over again but it didn’t materialise into anything more substantial.  Then the right hand rod was away and again I struck into thin air.    It was pretty obvious there was a school of Zander in the area but I could only assume they weren’t very big and they were just plucking at the baits.

Another bite on the popped up roach and again another missed bite.  Four bites in four casts and I hadn’t even had chance to pour a coffee yet.  I think if I was fishing the quivertips then I probably would have had more success at hitting them.  Anyway, the right hand rod was away again and this time I managed to connect.  Fifth time lucky and in came my first Zed of the season.  It was a very dark fish, almost black but with gorgeous turquoise markings on it’s bottom jaw.  It was only a small fish around 4lb so no photo and a quick release, in fact the hook came out in the net.

It then went quiet for a couple of hours.  Eventually though a couple plucks and the fish appeared to be back.  The trouble was the bites weren’t hit-able.  Around 10pm just as it was getting dark the left hand rod was away and in came another angry Zander.  Again another dark fish slightly bigger than the first.  Not the size of fish I was after but it was good to be back on the river and it really is a lovely way to fish.  Midnight came and went and I ended up staying until the wee hours and despite getting another bite that I missed no more fish came my way.

The tackle is still in the car so maybe i’ll just have another trip tonight.


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