It’s Tinca Time – I Wish!!

Does everyone have a bogey fish or is it just me?  Mine without question is Tench.  I cannot for love nor money catch them.  Well I can but only small one’s.  Once mid-May has been and gone I struggle to catch on stillwaters and I always feel though that the fishing switches off.  I don’t know if that’s actually true or if my confidence drops and it affects my catch rates.

So on Saturday night I decided to have a few hours Tench fishing.  I’d originally planned to fish all night but if i’m honest I couldn’t be arsed to get the gear together that I needed for an all nighter.  If truth be told I couldn’t be arsed to get my gear together full stop but what else is there to do on a Saturday night?

I’d tried the maggot feeder approach before and not done particularly well on it and I didn’t want to get plagued out by little fish so this time I decided on a different approach.  I basically just got a small tub and piled in half a tin of mixed particles, half a tin of scopex maize, crushed boilies and dead maggots.  All this was delivered with pinpoint accuracy and the use of a mini-spomb.

I fished one rod to the lilly pads on the far shelf and the other mid water.  On one rod was a 10mm boilie and on the other a bunch of dead reds tipped with a caster.  If I was a fish i’d have eaten that lot all day long.  I have fished this water a couple of times and equalled my pb from there so was quite confident.  Last time though I was fishing chopped prawn on a pole setup.  The tench on that occasion were properly fizzing out in front of me.  This time though despite good conditions not a fish was to be seen.  There was plenty of fry though on the surface, n fact it was alive with small fish.

As it got darker I did spot a patch of bubbles in the pads close in that indicated a feeding tench.  I carefully places a few particles close in to try and draw the fish out of the pads but my plan didn’t work.  I fished on until nearly 10:30pm but remained biteless.  Speaking to another angler on the water he hadn’t had a bite either.  With June days away I can’t help but feel that we are now in that dead time of the season.  Yes we have the rivers to look forward to but we desperately need some rain.  I’m enjoying fishing for other species and some days it pays off and other days it doesn’t.

I’ve got a few more trips planned.  I think I may do a bit of Barbel fishing as it’s a while since i’ve actually done any.  Then there is a bit of Zander fishing.  I also plan on having a few days carping at the beginning of July and I’ve not done with the Bream yet either.  Next week though see’s me on Chew after Pike on the fly with the PFFA for a couple of days.  So exciting times ahead hopefully.


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