Fish: 1 – SB: 0

With my pecker firmly up after a couple of good days Bream fishing I thought i’d take the opportunity to get out again.  This time I wasn’t targeting anything in particular but rather thought i’d have a recce at another pit and try and catch some fish in the process.  It’s a lovely little water probably better known for it’s carp but there are some nice Tench in there and I have had the odd Bream.  To try and take advantage I drove down the previous night and pre-baited in the hope that I could get on the spot in the morning.

Conditions seemed perfect when I arrived so out went a couple of feeders full of groundbait and particles.  I was hoping the pre-baiting had the desired effect and hold a few fish in the spot.  There were a few fish moving, mostly carp but with the odd Roach dimpling the surface too.

Time slipped by and it was a good few hours before I got my first bite urning out to be a Roach about 10oz.  Was this the start of the big feed?  Answer – no.  That was the only bite for yonks apart from a Pike that took a fancy to double maggot when I was reeling in.  Eventually I got another bite with the bobbin shooting up and the rod bouncing in the rest.  Whatever was on the other end felt a bit angry.  It didn’t feel overly big but eventually an angry Perch popped up.  It was quite a nice fish and fin perfect.  As the hook fell out in the net I quickly returned it.

The bobbins then fell silent and despite this I still felt confident that I would catch during the later parts of the day.  The carp were still cruising around on the surface and it made me wish I had a few floating pellets so I could have a go at them.

I fished on and on and on but still not bites came and as darkness fell I realised that my time was up and it was time to head back home.  It’s strange how despite seemingly perfect conditions the fish failed to feed but despite this it was still a very enjoyable day and call me a masochist but sometimes I think it’s good to struggle.


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