I Dream of Bream – Day 2

Another double coming in at 10.8

As I drove down the M1 I couldn’t help but wonder whether i’d put enough groundbait in last night before I left the water or had I put in too much.  The water was still cold and I couldn’t be sure that the pre-baiting would work so I wasn’t sure how the day would pan out.  I parked up and made the long walk around to the same swim that I fished yesterday.  I might have to invest in a wheel barrow type thing that the carpers use.  The rods were already clipped up so I knew I would be fishing over my groundbait and rather than introduce anymore via the catapult I just clipped on a feeder and used that.  I put out the worm rod again close in and that was the first to indicate a bite just a few minutes after casting out.  I struck into the familiar head shaking of a Perch this one weighing 2.6.

Then one of the feeder rods indicated a slow lift on the bobbin before dropping back.  A line bite maybe so I took up the slack line only for the bobbin to keep dropping back.  I decided to pick the rod up, wind down, strike and on the end was a Bream barely 15 minutes after casting out.  A fluke or had the Bream settled down to much on my groundbait?  I netted the fish and released it without weighing it as it looked around the 6.8 mark and refilled the feeder and cast out again.  Barely 10 minutes later and the same rod was away again and another Bream roughly the same size graced the net.  I think it’s fair to say the pre-baiting had done the trick but I couldn’t help but be disappointed at the size of the fish.  I was really hoping for some of the bigger fish to have moved onto the bait overnight.  The action remained steady over the course of the morning taking a 6.14 and a 7.1 both of which I weighed just to make sure my weights were accurate and another 2lb+ Perch but this time on double maggot at distance.

It really was turning into one of those red letter days.  It wasn’t even 9am and already I’d had 4 nice Bream and 2 decent Perch and several Roach.  I was starting to get a bit giddy at the thought’s of what was achievable.  The bobbins were constantly lifting and dropping from line bites so god only knows how many fish were out there.  I was just eating a Ripple and having a slurp of tea when one of the rods was off again.  I struck and knew instantly this was another big fish.  Side strain brings the smaller fish in quite quickly but this one was having none of it.  As the fish fought in the deeper water I had to slacken the clutch off so I could give it some line.  The fish kept deep right until it was in the margin when I could see it could possibly be another double.  Slipping the net under it I was pretty confident that it was over 10lb.  The scales confirmed it as they registered at 10.8.  This probably sounds terrible but I was really hoping it would be bigger.

The action remained pretty constant and I managed another 5 Bream during the morning with another 2 cracking fish weighing in at 8.10 and 8.15.  By 12:30 I’d managed 10 Bream which was way beyond my wildest Bream Dream’s.  I sat there expecting more fish to come along but the action dried up.  Scratching my head I was wondering why that might be the case.  Should I have introduced more groundbait with the catapult?  Had I exhausted the shoal of fish that were feeding?  Had they had their fill or had they simple just wandered off?  What was telling was that even the Roach had stopped feeding.  It’s times like this that you makes you wonder what is going off inside a fishes head.

The bobbins remained motionless for most of the afternoon.  I managed to scratch out a couple more Roach but despite frequent casting and topping up the swim I just couldn’t get them back on the feed.  Then just after half three the right hand bobbin sprang into life and I hit into what felt like another good fish.  I was convinced it was another Bream until whatever was on the end decided it wanted to make a break for freedom.  The rod tip nose dived towards the water and caught me unawares but I quickly managed to slacken the clutch off.  Another couple of deep dives by the fish really got me wondering what was on the end.  Finally it got up to the surface and I noticed the orangey/yellow bellow and for a minute I thought big Perch before I realised that it was actually a Tench.  I was chuffed to bits as I don’t get many Tench apart from my local Tench water.  It looked quite a good one too and it weighed in at 5.3.

After that fish the bobbins remained quiet until dusk time when I got a couple of liners.  Just as it was getting dark I had another drop back bite and I struck into another good fish only for the line to go slack.  Cursing I reeled in to see that the short hooklink had broken.  Schoolboy error as I hadn’t checked it recently.  Rather than put on a new one and fish into dark I decided to call it a day.  I’d had a cracking couple of days taking sixteen Bream including 2 doubles, loads of Roach upto 1.7, three Perch over 2lb and a solitary Tench.  I know fishing is supposed to be a relaxing pastime but as I drove back up the M1 I felt like i’d gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson after casting feeders out constantly for the past 2 days.

Now, I think it’s time to have a crack at something else.  That solitary Tench really got me thinking I need to put more effort in to try and beat my pb.  There are a couple of waters on my club tickets that hold fish bigger than my pb but it’s whether I can cope with sitting amongst several other anglers and having my peace disturbed.  I’ll have to sleep on that one I think.


2 thoughts on “I Dream of Bream – Day 2

  1. 123mattyd April 21, 2017 / 11:06 pm

    Love it! You don’t mind feeling like you’ve been beaten up for ten rounds if you’ve come out on top in the end. I’ve often wondered what it’d be like to fish on top of my previous days crazy spodding or a decent amount of pre-bait.


  2. broughs April 22, 2017 / 11:34 am

    It certainly worked on that occasion Matt but I just think the fish were really up for it. It’s definitely something i’ll be doing more often.


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