I Dream of Bream – Day 1

10.11 – Fat little Porker

The Easter break couldn’t come quickly enough as the plan was to have a couple of days Bream fishing.  This style of fishing is all a bit new to me and over the past year it’s been a bit hit and miss, in all honesty it’s mostly been a miss.  It’s no secret that distance fishing appears to be the name of the game when it comes to Bream fishing and apparently they like features such as channels, underwater islands, that kind of thing.  Now being a lazy so and so I really don’t like spending half of my day chucking a lead about trying to find features but if that’s what the Bream want then that’s what the Bream get and being a new water to me I relented and got the marker rod out.   After a bit of time spent with the lead and marker float it was obvious there were no real features other than a steep drop off close in.  A good place for a Perch rod I thought.

I settled on a distance of 54 yards to bait up for the Bream mainly because it was in open water and was a comfortable chuck for the rods I was using, which by the way is one of the things Korum have, or had should I say because I believe they don’t make them anymore, got right.  The rods in question are the Korum Neoteric XS Twin Tip in 1.25/1.5tc.  They really are a dream for playing fish on, now if only they could design a decent solid umbrella that didn’t turn inside out at the mere gust from a vegetarian’s fart.

I started out by firing out 30 balls of groundbait around the marker float.  I’d recently bought something called a Nash Deliverance groundbait ball device which in principle is a great idea.  You put your groundbait in, squeeze the ends together and voila, out pops a ball of groundbait.  The only trouble is it doesn’t compress the balls enough to fire out any great distance.  Well it doesn’t when I do it, maybe I need bigger muscles and squeeze it together harder.  Who knows, so I ended up going back to squeezing it together by hand.

2.8 – Excuse the club hands

I fished one rod on my favourite mini-boilie and the other on double maggot.  I also put a perch rod close in hoping to pick up a stripey or two using a dendra as hookbait.  For a few hours nothing happened, which was fine as i’m used to not getting many bites these days and then I started to get little indications on the maggot rod.  I managed to snare a couple of small roach and so decided to swap the mini-boilie setup to an identical helicopter/groundbait feeder rig.  This worked a treat as at 10:30 I got my first Bream weighing in at 7.15.  Not a bad start I thought and was hoping that a few more would come my way although on more than one occasion i’ve caught just the one solitary Bream.  Next to rattle off was the Perch rod and a spawned out 2.8 Perch graced the next.  I’d already lost a good one early in the session and missed one of those rod wrenching bites too so I was glad when I finally managed to get one in the net.  Then one of the distance rods was away again as things started to hot up.  I could tell this one felt a good fish as when I applied some side strain it didn’t just come gliding in like Bream usually do, it actually kicked back and gave a good account of itself.  As it come closer in I could see under the surface that it was a good fish and was significantly bigger than the last one and when I got it in the net I kew it was a double due to it being shaped like a football.  On the scales she went and came in at 10.11.  Next was a pristine Roach coming in at 1.7.  The session was already turning into something special and another decent Bream followed before the lull came.  Why is it you see on the internet people catching Bream after Bream yet the catches I make seem very sporadic?

1.7 – A more than welcome sight

Anyway I managed a few small Roach during the afternoon and I was thinking the Bream wouldn’t come back.  Then late afternoon I had a bite and watched the rod take on a satisfying curve and a 6.15 hit the back of the net.  Were the Bream back for another bit of the cherry?  Shortly after another bite and I could tell this was another good fish coming in at 8.10 and then followed a slightly smaller one at 7.14 before once again they were gone and the Roach were left to mop up the bait catching several others to around the 1lb mark.

By now it was getting dark and I was pissed wet through along with all my stuff due to the fact it had been raining all day.  I’d had such a good day with 6 Bream between 6.15 and 10.11, Roach upto 1.7 and a 2.8 Perch that I decided to pre-bait my swim for the next day in the hope the fish would move in overnight and keep them there until I arrived the next day.  I fired in 40 balls of groundbait and would let fate take it’s course.  I did think about firing in more but I figured there would already still be bait out there from the day’s session and didn’t want to put too much out there in case it had the opposite effect.

When I got home I mixed up a fresh batch of groundbait and made my sandwiches for the next day when all I wanted to do was go to bed.  My head finally hit the pillow shortly before 11:30pm and I set the alarm for 4:50am before drifting off to sleep dreaming of Bream and ready to do battle on day 2.



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