Quick update & thoughts for 2017

So, the New Year hasn’t exactly started with a bang but that’s ok because I didn’t expect it to.  I’ve had a couple of trips out fishing for Zander, both of which resulted in blanks but I’ve learnt quite a bit on those two trips and also come to the conclusion that one of my rigs needs tweaking.

In between those two trips i’ve been walking the river bank on a new club water checking out a few Perch swims.  It’s completely different to what i’m used to with it being more like a drain than a river but a fresh challenge is always good and i’m planning a trip there this coming weekend.  I know it’s done some very big fish and the chance of beating my pb Perch is on the cards.  What a start to the new year that would be.

As for plans for 2017 I can’t say that I have any hard and fast plans.  I’d like to up my pb tench and i’d like to do a bit of Eel fishing in the Summer but the rest I think i’ll just play by ear.

I’ve added a new heading showing my decidedly average list of PB’s.  It’s by no way full of big fish by today’s standards but i’ve added it really because i’ve misplaced all my written diaries that i’ve been keeping since 1985.

Good luck for 2017.


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