Dry Fly Heaven.

Catch and Release

Up until probably six years ago it’s fair to say most of my fishing consisted of creeping along river banks on my hands and knees stalking wild trout.  For more years than I care to remember fly fishing took up 90% of my fishing while the other 10% was spent coarse fishing.  Then inexplicably I got fed up with this kind of fishing and the roles reversed.

Then last week I got an invitation to fish the Derbyshire Wye as a guest of a friend of mine so I jumped at the chance to fish it again.  The fishing is strictly catch and release which is fine by me as we would be fishing for wild Rainbow and Brown Trout.  The Wye has the biggest head of breeding wild Rainbow Trout in the country.  Some say it is the only river in the UK where they breed naturally although others claim there are other rivers.  Who knows, but what I do know is it’s a lovely bit of river.

We agreed to meet at 5:30pm but with as is usually the case with Pete this turned out to be nearer 6:30 and by the time we’d had a natter and setup it was nearer 7pm and then by the time we’d walked down to the bottom limit of the stretch it was actually 7:30.  No matter, we still had a couple of hours of fishing in front of.

It was good to see a hatch of sedge and a few blue winged olives.  I put on a small balloon caddis and was rewarded immediately with a nice Brownie of about 12″.

Wild Trout Heaven
Wild Trout Heaven

Alternating between the ballon caddis and a bwo I managed several fish whilst working my way back upstream.  As darkness fell there was a massive hatch of spinners and although I was struggling to tie the fly on (forgot my glasses again) I did eventually manage to put a spinner imitation among a pod of rising fish and managed a lovely wild rainbow before next cast taking another.  By now it was a real struggle to see the fly on the water but fish were popping up all over the place.  It got to the point where I was striking when I saw a fish rise near to where I thought my fly was  but I failed to connect with anymore fish.

It had been a great couple of hours and as we got back to the car I realised just how much I had missed this kind of fishing.  It’s so simple.  No need for loads of gear, just a rod, net a few flies and bits in a waist bag.  It’s a bit of a culture shock compared to carrying 10kg of groundbait, 3 rods and more stuff I care to mention.

Until next time……


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