Kicked in the nuts.

Well after my first Bream campaign where I got off to a flyer i’ve really been brought back down to earth with a bang with two blank sessions.  The first one saw me on the bank in cool conditions, although I wouldn’t say that it was that cold that the fish wouldn’t feed.  The bobbins sat there motionless for 15 hours.  To be honest I wouldn’t have thought that was possible.

Then yesterday I decided to do my first overnighter in nearly 30 years.  I thought it would be perfect in this mini-heatwave that we are currently having.  The conditions were perfect and I anticipated getting very little sleep as the buzzers would be going off all night.  What a foolish thought that was although I was awoken twice but I suspect they were only line bites.  In fairness I was quite pleased as I was quite comfy tucked up in my sleeping bag.  With the arrival of dawn I expected the fish to go on the munch only to be thwarted again.  It was strange with no fish showing whatsoever.

Despite this i’ll be back again sometime soon as I know my luck will have to change eventually.


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