Return to the scene of the crime.

Small but mint!  A bit like me I suppose.
Small but mint! A bit like me I suppose.

I hadn’t planned on having a session yesterday but as I had nothing else planned I popped down to the river after i’d done the school run.  I returned to the spot where I had my camera stolen, only this time I’d been and purchased a replacement and was keeping it well within sight.  It was 10am by the time I got fishing and although i’d missed my favourite bit of the day I was still confident of a bite or two.  After being there a short while I saw a decent fish roll at distance although I didn’t get a good enough look to be able to tell whether it was a carp or a big bream.

I put two rods out both with lobworm and placed one in the edge and one quite a way out.  An hour into my session and the rod that was at distance starting nodding away while I wasn’t really concentrating and by the time I got my senses I struck into thin air.  I’ll never understand quite how you can miss bites like that.  Another hour passed and the same rod was away again only this time the bite was more tentative.  I gave it a couple of seconds to develop before striking into what turned out to be a mint conditioned Chub.  Not a big un’ but really satisfying as it gave a good scrap and was one of the best looking Chub i’ve caught in a long time.  It’s funny because I hadn’t caught a Chub all winter up until about a month ago and now I seem to get one a visit.

Lunchtime came and went and by mid-afternoon my mind was wandering when I had a bite on the left hand rod that I managed to miss.  I rebaited and cast out again and the bait hadn’t had chance to settle before it was taken.  I knew straight away it was a Pike.  It gave me a right old tussle, charging through the swim.  It wasn’t a large fish, about 7 pounds and I was expecting the hook link to give way at any moment but it held until I was just about to net the fish when it finally parted.  I could see the Pike laying there motionless just under the surface before it realised it was free and shot off into deeper water.

That was the swim well and truly buggered for a bit and it wasn’t until well after 3pm when the right hand rod had a savage bite that just pulled the rod over.  I could tell it was a Perch before I got it into shallower water where I got a good luck at it.  It looked a good 3 and it was only when I got it into the net that I realised it was the same fish that I caught last week at 3.7.  I weighed it just for the record before returning it.  It’s always a disappointment when you catch the same fish again and it always shocks me when this happens particularly as the area I was fishing is quite a big expanse of water.

No more bites followed and the rain deterred me from staying until it was dark but it had been a pleasant enough day as it was mild with a bit of a south westerly breeze.


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