Sweet and Sour

3.6 StunnerThe day started off well with a Perch of 3.7 on my first cast.  The bait had hardly had chance to settle and I was just setting up the second rod when I noticed the rod tip doing it’s best impression of a nodding dog.  It’s never a good sign when you get a decent fish first cast because invariably the day then turns out to be a damp squib.

I put the fish in the keepnet while I waited for it to get properly light and get the camera setup.  I put the camera a bit further back than normal as the banks were very muddy and I didn’t want to get it dirty.

The morning was pretty uneventful with just one more bite followed a short while later by an immaculate wild Brown Trout.

Just after lunch I decided to get my camera to review the pictures I took in the morning.  Imagine my surprise then when the camera wasn’t there.  The bank stick that the camera was attached to was there, as was the unhooking mat and my set of scales but the camera was nowhere to be seen.  I went through all the usual scenarios of looking for it.  I wondered if I had unscrewed it earlier in the day but I knew I hadn’t.  The place where I was fishing was reasonably remote and I have never seen anyone up there other than anglers and even those are rare.  In fact I haven’t seen one up there all year.  From where I was sat I would be able to see someone approaching and I never heard a sound.  The camera was about 10 – 15 yards directly behind me and I never heard a thing.  So in a nutshell it seems some lowlife had stolen it.  How someone has the audacity to unscrew it from the bankstick while I was sat only yards away is beyond me.  I only wish I had caught them in the act.  As I sit here typing this i’m still stunned by what has happened.

I fished on and I have to say it’s the only time I have hoped that I didn’t catch a whopper as I would have no way to get a decent picture.  Time was ticking on and then the left had rod was away and I landed a beautiful looking Perch only this one was an ounce smaller than the previous one at 3.6.  I had to make do with using my phone to take a photo of this fish on the mat.


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