Myth Busters

Bream / Salmon Hybrid
Bream / Salmon Hybrid

There’s a program on the telly called Myth Busters.  I’ve never seen it but I have seen it advertised and the title basically tells you all you need to know about the program.  Anyway, I did my own myth busing today.  Firstly i’ve disspelled the myth that Bream don’t fight, and the second myth to be busted is the one whereby Perch apparently hate resistance (although in fairness i’ve always thought this was a load of tosh).

I decided on a change of river today mainly because i’ve been fishing the same spots too much recently and I really fancied a change.  I bought a club book last year that has a lovely stretch of river that I fished earlier in the Summer.  On that occasion I caught 3 decent Bream in 3 casts aswell as a nice Perch and a few other bits and bobs.  While fishing down there I saw a lovely bit of water that I couldn’t get to because of the Summer foliage but I made a mental note to go back there during winter when it was more accessible and check it out.

Well today that day arrived and although the river was rising when I arrived it still looked good. After a bit of a tidy up and making space for my chair I put a couple of rods out with half a lobworm on each, regularly feeding with chopped worm and maggot.  It didn’t take long before the first bite came which surprise, surprise turned out to be a Perch and not a bad one either.  Here comes the bit about Perch and resistance.  Basically the bite consisted of the rod being virtually dragged off the rod rest.  No picking up the worm and dropping it because of the resistance of the 2oz feeder.  No, basically the worm got nailed.

Half an hour later and the exact same thing happened.  The quiver tip had gone from minding it’s own business, to being at an angle that a contortoinist would be proud of.  Again another decent Perch.

The next bite consisted of a classic 3 foot twitch that is reminiscent of a Barbel.  I struck into something heavy and ponderous and really did think I’d struck into the mother of all Perch at first.  Did I ever tell you about the potential record breaking perch that I saw a while ago only a couple of hundred yards upstream of where I was currently fishing?  Anyway, the fish started to lurch all over the river before it came up and rolled just at a point where I couldn’t get a good look at it.  Then down into the deeps it went again before shooting straight up out of the water about 2 foot.  It was a bloody great big Bream doing it’s best impression to be a Salmon and it wasn’t at all happy.  This fish was no wallower like it’s brethren and fought incredibly hard.  Several times it leapt out of the water trying to shed the hook.  It’s not the first time i’ve had this but normally the fish are a lot smaller.  Eventually after a protracted tussle it gave up and I got it into the net.  The fish was immaculate.  Not a split fin and a full tail and I have to say one of the finest looking fish i’ve caught.  I weighed her and she came in at 7.14 which I thought was quite respectable.

I slipped her back into the water and sorted my tangled up rod out before casting in again.  In the space of the next couple of hours I landed 3 more Perch none of which gave sensitive bites.  Oh and did I mention one of the Perch weighed 4.11?



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