So it does work then!

3.8 Lump
3.8 Lump

After a successful few hours with worm on the Trent the other day I decided to head back for a couple of hours today in between school runs, not armed with worms but with the dropshot rod.  I’ve had limited success with shads but I haven’t broken my dropshot duck yet.  Having said that I’ve only tried it once.  As time was limited I decided to head to the areas where we caught the other day along with hopefully trying a couple of spots further downstream.

I also took along the shad rod too in case I didn’t have the patience to spend half an hour retrieving a dropshot lure 10 yards across the swim.  It’s funny because I really was expecting to bag up.  I keep hearing that the dropshot outfishes all other methods although I have to say I am very sceptical about this and would rather fish worm any day of the week.

I started off in “the spot” and was expecting a take instantly.  As is normally the case it didn’t materialise.  I had a play around with the depths before decided to fish the lure 6 inches above the weight.  This had an instant effect and after a couple of taps on the rod tip I struck into a feisty fish.  I always like to take a picture of the first fish if it’s a decent one in case I don’t catch anything else.  It pulled the scales around to 2.8 and it was a solid, immaculate looking fish.


I continued in the same spot but alternating between the dropshot and shad.  I also tried a jointed Rapala shad-rap but didn’t feel that it was getting down deep enough.  I then put in a longish cast downstream on the dropshot and hadn’t had chance to reel the lure in very far before I had another take.  At first the fish confused me as it basically swam towards me giving the odd head shake but then as I got it under my feet it went ballistic and I thought it was a small Pike before a solid lump of Perch appeared.  This one was a lot bigger than the first and the scales proved this as they registered at 3.8.  Not a bad start.

I then decided to try a few spots further downstream.  The first couple didn’t produce anything until I got to the final swim.  Again there was a nice slack area and it had to contain some fish.  It wasn’t long before I was rewarded with another stunning fish at 3.2.  A couple of casts later and a smaller fish at 2.2 came to the net and I hate to admit it but I felt a bit disappointed that it wasn’t another 3.  In hindsight I have to say that I feel a bit bad about thinking that as I should be content with a fish of any size.

Just as I was starting to think that i’d had my fun for the day I had an altogether more savage take.  It soon became apparent that I was into a decent pike and for a while I thought I was going to get it in but it managed to get under some trees to my right before I lost it.

After that I walked back to the car reflecting on the last two and a half hours.  It’s interesting how the fish weren’t in every swim and they are definately in small pods of fish.  The question is though, is there a four pounder amongst them?



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