Day of two halves!

Trent 2's.

With the trent finally coming down to a level that is suitable for Perching myself and Mr C headed to a stretch that produced quite a few fish at the back end of last season.  We settled into our usual swims and hopes were high.  We arrived before dawn and just as we started to get setup the heavens opened.  This wasn’t a surprise as we knew it had given wind and rain for the morning but the afternoon was supposed to brighten up.  I quickly put the brolly up, fastened it down and settled down with a cup of coffee waiting for it to get light enough to be able to cast out.  Just as i’d had the first slurp a big gust of wind got up and blew the brolly inside out and bending the main pole in the process.  I battled vigorously in the wind trying to turn it back the right way which I managed before I completely threw my teddy.  I tell you what, don’t ever buy a bloody Korum brolly because they are garbage.

So eventually it came light enough to be able to cast out.  I put prawn on the downstream rod and worm on the upstream rod and waited in anticipation for the first bite of the day.  Previously this swim has produced decent Bream, Roach and Perch aswell as many Pike.

Time ticked on and I remained bites.  Andy had his usual Chub but other than that neither of us could manage a fish of any kind.  It got to lunchtime and it was make or break.  Should we stay put or head to a new swim or another river.  Neither of us fancied getting back in the car and driving to another river.  It would take at least an hour to get settled and with the short days it just isn’t feasible.

In the end we decided to move slightly downstream to a couple of swims that we hadn’t fished before.  This turned out to be a good move.  Mr C cast in and before his bait had hit the bottom he was into a decent Perch weighing 2.12.  Next cast and he was into another and I hadn’t even got a bait in the water.  This one was a bit bigger at just over 3lb.  Finally I managed to put a bait in and on my first cast I got a fish of 2.4.  Between us we then caught consistently throughout the afternoon and ended up with 8 fish between us all over 2lb which given the fact the morning was a total washout wasn’t a bad result.  The sun even made an appearance mid-afternoon and the day ended on a high.


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