Bit of a change of scenery.

I decided to take a trip to  a local stillwater today and try out a couple of new swingtip rods that have been stashed away for a few months.  The weather was ideal with no wind and overcast so I put one rod out with a prawn and the other with a big lobby while feeding a line close in with maggots.  I had also taken the pole with the hope of catching a few small Roach to use as deadbaits.

1.9 - A refreshing change from perch.
1.9 – A refreshing change from perch.

The swingtip’s stayed motionless all morning with only the occasional line bites so I decided to try the pole on the line that I had been feeding.  I started off about 4 inches off the bottom but couldn’t buy a bite.  It’s funny how in perfect conditions you struggle for a bite.  I had a play around with the depth of the float before I started to get bites with the bait on the deck.

Swingtips - Old Skooool!!!
Swingtips – Old Skooool!!!

For every 3 bites I managed to hook 1 fish and before long I’d bagged a few decent Roach but unfortunately they were all too big to use as deadbaits.  I then hooked into a better fish which turned out to be a Roach weighing 1.6.  It gave a good account of itself on the pole and after that fish the swim died.

I went back to the swingtip rods and before long I managed a Perch of 1.4.  It was desperately quiet though but I had the added bonus of having the whole lake to myself.


By now time was ticking on.  I tried the pole again and immediately started to get bites.  Again I was getting some decent Roach but the problem was I was struggling to see the float in the dim light.  I then hit into another decent fish and was delighted to see it was another big Roach.  It went 1.9 on the scales and is the biggest Roach i’ve had since I was in my early teens.

It got me wondering whether I should go back with a some mashed bread to see if I can crack the 2lb barrier.


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