2015 – A quick summary.

I say it every year but I really can’t believe how fast this past year has gone.  The old saying”time flies when you’re having fun” has a certain truth about it.

Although I like to set targets I don’t get all upset if I don’t reach them.  I set modest targets so for 2015 I aimed to break my pb tench and do a lot more Zander fishing on the Trent.  I equalled my pb tench and had a ball fishing for the Trent Zander.  I had my first catfish and it came courtesy of the River Trent, something that I didn’t expect or ever anticipate catching anytime soon.

Chew 4.1Perch came thick and fast from the rivers in the period from January to the end of the river season in March.  I didn’t manage anymore 4’s in that period but more than enough 3’s came my way, along with plenty of 2’s, to keep me happy.

Spring saw me on Chew fly fishing for Pike and Perch and in the most unlikely of conditions I managed my first 4lb Perch on the fly just sneaking over the finishing line at 4.1.  I’ve never caught such a mint conditioned Perch.  I also spent a lot of time in the Spring trying to catch my pb Tench.  Something that I didn’t manage but I did manage to equal.  Big tench are a bit of a rarity around here although there is one place not too far away that does produce some big Tench but I can’t say I have any desire to fish it for one reason or another.

8.1 Trent ZanderThe river season started around the sametime as my other half had to go into hospital for a major op.  She was unable to drive or do very much around the house while she was recuperating so I devised a plan to get everything done at home and then be on the river for about 8pm and fish for Zander until early morning.  This worked out perfectly and in the summer months had several good Zander sessions with multiple catches.  The biggest going 8.1 and was a mint conditioned fish.  I know a lot of people say Zander don’t fight but I can say that I don’t have any complaints.  Whilst Zander fishing I had my first catfish on a small section of deadbait from the upper Trent.  As you can imagine it fought like stink on a quiver tip rod and was delighted to get my first cat even if it wasn’t intended.

Trent Cat - 7.8As summer turned to autumn I concentrated more on Perch but with the mild weather the Perch weren’t really playing ball.  I managed the odd 2 pounder from the trent and a couple of 3’s from the Derwent but it’s only recently that the Perch have been more localised and easier to catch.

3.1 DerwentFor the new year i’ll continue my Perch fishing until the end of the river season and then i’ll probably go back to doing a bit of fly fishing for Trout, something that I have neglected over the last couple of season’s.  I’ve also got a week’s carp fishing planned as I would like to beat my pb. I haven’t fished for Carp seriously in 25 years and I can’t believe it’s been that long.  As for the remainder of the season i’ll play it by ear and have a bit more variety.  One thing I do know, and that is I will be back on the trent after those Zander.


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