Late afternoon session.

2.5 river PerchI had what I would call my first “proper” Perch fishing session of the season yesterday.  With the cooler temperatures and the leaves starting to fall I thought it was about time to have a bash for a big Stripey.  In all honesty though I still prefer to wait for the first frosts but excitement got the better of me.

It was all a bit hastily planned but after calling in and collecting some worms on was on the river bank for a reasonable time.  The first couple of spots I fancied had other anglers in them so I settled in an area that I wasn’t at all familiar with.  I looked at the deep slow water and have to say that I wasn’t overly confident.  I needn’t have worried though as on my first cast with a big lobworm the Perch gave themselves away with various plucks and rattles on the rod tip.

I put one rod slightly upstream and another slightly downstream and several nice Perch came to the net.  Nothing big but several upto the one pound mark.  This was ok but I knew the bigger fish wouldn’t be amongst them so it was just a question of catching the smaller one’s until they got spooked and then sit it out for a bigger one or at least that was the plan.

For once the plan worked.  Slowly the bites decreased until I was sat there watching two motionless quivertips.  Then out of the blue the left hand rod slowly pulled round and I was into a proper Perch.  It fought well in the deep water and I knew I was into a half decent fish and when it came upto the surface I could tell it was over 2.

The scales settled on 2.5 and I took a quick photo before releasing her back into her watery home. Happy, I was hoping that a couple more decent fish would be obliging.  A short time later something picked up the bait on the left hand rod again.  The tip slowly pulling before wrenching round.  What I thought was a decent Perch turned out to be a Pike of around 4lb that bit through my mono before I could get it in the net.  It didn’t seem none the wiser for it’s ordeal because I hooked the fish again before it decided to have a go at a small Perch I was reeling in for the third time.

I did manage a few more Perch before deciding to call it a day at 8:30pm.


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