Spur of the moment session.

Late evening on the Trent
Late evening on the Trent

I was actively encouraged by my other half to go fishing for a few hours the other night.  I won’t repeat the encouraging language that was used for fear of offending anyone but needless to say the say the car was packed and loading and I was setting off in 5 minutes flat.

I’d packed a few leftover worms that I had and took a pack of deadbaits.  By the time I arrived at my chosen stretch dusk had already set-in.  I had an hour fishing worm and lost count of the scores of Perch that I caught.  No big one’s but a fair few “netters” upto a pound in weight.  This stretch is going to hold some significant sized Perch in the future providing they are not predated upon too heavily.  In fact I was getting that many bites I struggled to get the zander rods setup.  After an hour though they were setup so I packed the worm rod away and put two deadbaits out.

I’ve never fished for zander before on this stretch of river but i’m confident that they are so widespread now throughout the Trent that you could fish pretty much anywhere upto Derby and catch them.  As I said in a previous post, prior to this season I had always struggled to catch them to the point that I didn’t think they were worth pursuing but how my mind has been changed this year.

I cast both rods about a third of the way across river into about 12 feet of water.  I’d just settled into my chair and had a kit-kat when the bobbin on the right hand rod slowly skipped up towards the rod butt.  I hit into the fish and felt the familiar nodding of a zander on the end.  Unsurprisingly the fish came off but I wasn’t that dis-heartened as it didn’t feel particularly big.  Ten minutes later the left hand rod was away.  Again I hit into it and this one felt a bit bigger only for the fish to come off again.  I put that one down to the loop on the hair rig being a bit long.  I should have changed it there and then but I fished on regardless on the presumption that the length of hair wouldn’t be an issue to a big zed.

I didn’t get another bite after that and waited until I heard the chimes of midnight on the local church clock before deciding to call it a day.  It’s always frustrating to lose fish and it seems to be an all too familiar occurrence at the minute although I was encouraged that I had another new stretch of river on which to target zander.  I’m sure my luck will change soon and the fish will stick.  The rivers are desperately low and clear and the fish have become very finicky, that’s my excuse and i’m sticking to it.  It’s been a good year so far so I can’t complain but you can feel autumn breathing down your neck now and I for one can’t wait for cooler weather and better fishing conditions.


2 thoughts on “Spur of the moment session.

  1. Istvan Szabo October 12, 2017 / 3:21 pm


    Just asking which type of rods you are using. Pics can’t be magnified to see type but looks ideal (for me). Thanks, Istvan


    • broughs October 13, 2017 / 8:35 am


      I am using the Sage Pike rod in a 10 weight.


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