Summer Perchin’

During the winter I fished a spot that absolutely screamed Perch only to fail miserably in my quest to catch one.  I did however catch some nice Chub and decided to go back to see if it held any Perch during the Summer.  I had a few hours spare on Friday evening so after a mad dash getting some stuff together I headed off down “Brian Clough Way” to my chosen spot.  As is usually the case there was no other cars in the car park so rather than head to “chub hole” I decided on checking a few other spots out to see how they looked.  To say they were overgrown is an understatement but there was one spot where I did seriously think about setting up.  The lack of baitfish activity told me to ignore it and head upstream to my original choice.

I setup two feeder rods and started off fishing one with maggots and a lobworm on the other.  The lobworm rod started to get bites immediately but nothing positive enough to hit.  This went on for a while was the maggot rod remained untouched.  Eventually the worm must have been whittled down to nothing when I struck and a small Perch came thrashing in.

I persevered with the maggot feeder but still no bites were forthcoming and and the bites had dried up on the worm rod too so I decided to switch the maggots but for a big old lobbie.  Casting a couple of rod lengths out into 4 feet of water the bait had hardly settled but the rod pulled over and I struck into a decent Perch about a pound.  Several others followed for a few casts and each fish looked in tip-top condition and I doubted that they had ever been caught.  Then all went quiet.

I was thinking maybe a Pike had been aroused by all the commotion causing the Perch to move to deep water when a tremble on the rod tip followed by a slow pull resulted in striking into something heavy.  With the rod tip nodding I knew I was into a good Perch.  Slowly the fish came in and I saw the flash of a deep green flank from my vantage point.  Excited, I reached for the net and lay it in the deep grass next to me.  I kept getting a glimpse of the fish and then a quick dive for the weed and the fish was gone.  It’s always disappointing to lose a big Perch as you don’t know when the next one will come along.  Just as I was getting over the disappointment the rod tip reacted in almost the same way and I struck into what felt like another good fish.  This one was only on briefly as again it threw the hook.  I’m not sure what’s going off at the minute with lost fish.  I don’t know if they’re a bit cagey because of the low clear water levels or if it’s something i’m doing but that’s several good fish i’ve lost recently despite not doing anything different.

I managed a couple more small Perch but no netters and then just before the stroke of 10pm a sensitive bite, that I felt by holding the line, resulted in a Bream about about two pound.  I didn’t want to start getting “slimed up” by small Bream so I decided to call it a day.

I’d worked hard for the few fish i’d caught.  The one’s I landed had been immaculate and I was desperately disappointed to lose the two fish that I did.


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