Bit Bashing

2.3 Trent PerchI returned to the upper Trent last night for a few hours bit bashing after work. As is usually the case now I put out a second rod with a small deadbait in the hope of a Zander or two.  Rather than nail the deadbait to the bottom I fished it on a paternoster this time with a polyball to keep the bait a couple of feet off the bottom.  There is quite a bit of flow in the spot that I was fishing so hopefully the bait would flutter about a bit enticing a fish or two.

On the other rod I fished a feeder with maggot and chopped worm.  As you would expect it was a bite every cast on this rod and I caught a Perch on every cast for the first ten minutes.  Just as I was about to cast the feeder out the deadbait rod pulled round and I hit into a fish that I thought was a Pike as it was fighting deep and wouldn’t come up.  It was only when I got the fish close to the bank did I realise it was a decent Perch.  After a quick photograph I weighed her and she came in at 2.3.  Not a bad start especially on a deadbait.

I put out another deadbait in a different spot and put the feeder rod out again.  Bites were still coming thick and fast on the feeder catching 4 Perch for every Roach and Skimmer before the deadbait rod was away again.  I struck and felt a couple of thumps on the rod tip before the fish was off.

The next bite on the deadbait I did manage to hit and land a small Zander about 2lb.  I’m at the stage now where I think you could put a deadbait out in most Trent swims and there would be a good chance of catching a Zander.  They seem that widespread.

As the evening the bites on the maggot and worm dropped off considerably.  It was as if the river had died.  It didn’t matter where I cast I couldn’t get a sniff.  The deadbait rod however was a different matter.  I got several more bites where the rod wrapped around only for the bait to be pulled off or i’d have the fish on briefly.

I stayed until well after dark but no more fish were forthcoming.  It had be an interesting evening and the paternostered deadbait is certainly something that I will be trying again.


One thought on “Bit Bashing

  1. Rob Goodwin August 21, 2015 / 12:18 pm

    Never had a perch on a deadbait Simon, but fishing the way you were probably added a bit of flutter making it look like a dying or in distress fish. It obviously works and I must give it a go soon. Thanks fro the tip!


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