Bit of a Mish-Mash day.

Canal ZedToday I planned to do a bit of lure fishing, followed by a bit of worm fishing, followed by fishing into dark on the Zander rods.  I’m not sure what possessed me to do all 3 particularly as i’m not really into lure fishing although it does allow you to cover plenty of spots in search of a decent perch peg or two.  Just before I left the house at 6am I decided I was going to forget about the Zander rods so I took them out and left them in the porch.  Only when I got to my first destination i’d realised I had actually taken out my quiver rods by mistake.

That was just the start of it.  I won’t bore you with the details about camera’s left on the bank, forgotten cups so I wasn’t able to mash a brew and numerous other minor mishaps.

I’d planned on starting lure fishing on a stretch of the Trent where I have had some decent Perch on the fly in the past although on the drive there I had a sudden urge to fish the canal.  I’m not a fan of canals either so lure fishing on a canal is about as bad as it can get for me.  Anyway as with all sudden urges, they have to be investigated.

In fairness the canal did look very fishy when I arrived.  There were fish topping everywhere and I couldn’t wait to cast in.  Straight away I started getting little plucks on the 3″ shad.  A couple of casts later and a sprightly 12oz Perch came thrashing in to the net.  I then noticed an obviously better fish hit into the small fish.  I was thinking jack attack so I was quite surprised when a decent perch hit the shad within seconds of it hitting the water.  A quick weigh in the net confirmed that it weighed 2.4.  A great result after only fishing such a short time.  I continued working my way upstream getting constant plucks all the time.  I could have fished a smaller shad and got more fish but i’m not interested in anything that can’t take at least a 3″ Shad.  Then in the middle of nowhere I had another take.  This was obviously a better fish and when it came thrashing to the surface I thought it was a jack before realising it was actually a Zander.  I’m not sure how big they go to in the canal but this one was around the 3lb mark and was chuffed to bits to get one on a lure.  After a quick piccie on some soft grass I slipped it back non the worse for it’s ordeal.

A short way upstream and I was into another fish and this turned out to be another Perch againLure caught Perch over the 2lb mark.  This was turning out to be a good morning and I hadn’t even got to the trent yet.   I managed a few more smaller Perch around the half pound mark all of which nailed the shad as if it was their last meal.

Sadly things couldn’t continue like that so I decided to head back to the car and try a few spots on the trent.  The first couple of spots didn’t result in so much as a touch which surprised me as I have caught Perch from them in the past using worms.  The third spot produced 4 fish in quick succession.  Thankfully 3 of them were Perch and even more thankfully the biggest went 2.8 with another a touch over 2lb and the other around the 1lb mark.  The other fish turned out to be a jack around 3lb that after returning it decided it was still hungry and attacked my lure another two times.  This was turning out to be a great morning.  I continued working my way downstream but sadly I had no more takes.  By now it was 1pm and I had a sandwich and drink and put the lure rod away.

I was unsure where to go with the worm rod and after a bit of driving around and looking at a couple of bits of river I decided on a bit of water that I have never fished before.  It was incredibly fast on the near side before dropping off into was seemed like an abyss.  Even with the heaviest feeder i’d got, it was still getting pulled round by the flow.  Things weren’t helped by the fact I was using my Zander rods making bites incredibly hard to see.  I just wasn’t feeling the love and despite the fact I got a 4oz perch just about every cast I decided to call it a day.

Summer days really are too long to spend all day on the bank.  I think it’s far more productive to have a morning or an evening session.  The middle of the day appears to be dead time and I have had very little success during that period.

One another note, I really must learn how to take selfies.  Unfortunately the photo’s in this post don’t do the fish justice.  I must make more of an effort on that front.


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