Blankety Blank

Why is it you can have a good fishing session and then return a couple of days later and it can seem like there isn’t a fish in the river.  I was so excited about returning to the river that I couldn’t sleep the night before.  It was touch and go whether I was going to be able to make it but I managed to work things so I could be on the river for 7pm.  The plan was to stay until 1am which should enable me to get home at a reasonable time and grab a bit of sleep before starting work.

I basically replicated everything that I did the previous session with the exception of one thing.  I added some “Dynamite Predator Plus” additive to my mashed up Roach.  I was hoping the extra scent from it would bring more fish to the net.  The first couple of hours ticked by without so much as a blip on the bobbins.  As dusk approached I briefly looked away from the rods and when I looked back I noticed the tip on the right hand rod spring back and the bobbin drop back to the floor.  A liner maybe?  There were certainly a lot more smaller fish topping on this occasion which I took to be a good sign.

I recast both rods and after a short while the right hand rod was away again and although the bite was more positive it didn’t materialise into anything I could hit.  It was concerning me that the rod tip was pulling round as i’m sure the fish would be able to feel the resistance.  It wasn’t an issue on the previous trip as the bites were more confident but on this occasion they were much more finicky.

Looking at my rig the only conclusion I can come to is that my bobbins are too heavy.  The weight of the bobbin is a lot greater when it is being pulled from distance.  I searched around in my tackle box for something lighter.  Even the foil from a discarded Kit-Kat would do but alas I could find nothing.

So today i’m on the hunt for lighter bobbins.  If only i’d saved those Fairy liquid tops from 30 years ago.  Oh and while i’m at it I must throw that Predator Plus in the bin.



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