I must have been crackers!

Early SummerI’ll keep this short.

Earlier in the week I planned to go fishing on Thursday evening. It had given a scorcher of a day so it made sense not to go too early.  I figured getting there after 4pm as the sun was losing some of it’s heat would be the sensible option.

Fast forward a couple of days and my plans had changed and I decided to take the afternoon off due to a couple of crappy days at work.  I arrived a little after lunch to blazing hot sunshine and virtually no wind.  I knew straight away I wasn’t going to catch in those conditions so why did I do it?

It turned out to be one of the craziest decisions I could have made.  Within a couple of hours I had to put the umbrella up as I was sunburnt on the left side of my neck and forearm.  It took the best part of 4 hours to get a bite which I missed.

I ended the day after 10 hours of what can only be described as “a slog” with 3 small Perch, one of which was foul hooked.

At this time of year I prefer to fish first thing in the morning as I think you stand more chance of catching before the water warms up too much.  I think that’s what i’ll do next time.


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