Return to Tench lake!

Gravel Pit TenchAfter a couple of good Tench sessions recently I was desperate to get back out there and try and catch a pb.  So when the opportunity came up to have a few hours in the evening I quickly grabbed my gear and headed back down there.  It had only been a couple of days since my last trip so I was expecting to catch a good few fish.

I was amazed to find no-one else on the pit when I arrived.  Maybe they were all at the pub watching the FA Cup final.  I plonked myself in my favourite spot and with shaking hands and butterflies in my stomach I rigged up the pole.  I kept everything the same as my previous trip including rigs, bait etc….  Straight away I got a bite which turned out to be a Perch.  Even my little Pike friend was still there and he had a snap at my Perch as I reeled it in.

Bites were hard to come by but I managed a couple more Perch before finally the float sailed away and I was into my first Tench.  Playing it on the pole I managed to steer it clear of the lilies and keep it out into open water.  It was a deep fish and although I didn’t bother weighing her I estimate that she was around the 4lb mark.

I was expecting another fish pretty much straight away as on my previous visits they appeared to come in two’s.  Tonight though the fish had different ideas.  I fished on and on and even the Perch weren’t really showing much interest.  It was noticeably colder but I didn’t think that would have that much effect on the fishing.

Eventually I did hook another Tench slightly smaller than the last only this time it was on the waggler.  The night drew on and I was struggling to se my float at 9:30pm whereas the previous visit I could still see it easily at 10pm.  I did fish on until 10pm though in the hope of getting another fish but it wasn’t to be.

I packed up slightly disappointed but knowing that the next time I return the Tench could well be on the feed again.


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