A right grueller!

P1040997I’d promised to take Richard upto my local tench water after having such a good session previously.  It really is a cracking water when it’s on song with multiple catches of tench commonplace.  It’s always a bit worrying when you build a place up because the expectation to catch becomes high and I really hope I hadn’t “bigged it up” too much.

I’d been checking the weather forecast all week and was gutted when it said Saturday was going to be windy with rain.  Unbelievable as it had been dry all week.  Anyway, as it turns out the wind stayed away but it rained from the moment I left the house and didn’t stop all the time we were there.

I suggested Richard fished the hotspot while I fished a few yards away.  It took a while before Richard managed his first Tench and others followed until he had four.  I really struggled and although I missed a couple of bites I didn’t get a fish until last light.  I finished the evening with 3 fish and felt I should have stayed longer really as the fish were just coming onto the feed even though it was a struggle to see the float.

I was pleased that Richard had a few fish but I was perplexed by the lack of activity.  I certainly wasn’t expecting 20 fish like last time but I did expect a few more.  I also tried maggot expecting the odd Rudd or two but I couldn’t buy a bite.

I guess it wouldn’t be fun if it was easy every time we went and the difficult days make the easy ones all the more satisfying when they come along.


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