Last Hurrah(s)!

7.8 Trent BreamWith the river season due to end, myself and Andy decided we were going to spend the last two days on the trent.  We’d got a couple of different stretches lined up and hopefully a decent Perch or two would come our way.  The weather might have different ideas though as the forecast was for heavy rain over Thursday night into Friday morning.  This wouldn’t cause an issue for the Friday but I envisaged the river rising for the final day on Saturday.  For once the forecasters got it right and as I drove down the lane from home on Friday there was lots of standing water.

I met Andy at 6:30am and we walked down to our chosen swims.  We have had reasonable success from this stretch so we were quite upbeat about the day ahead.

After an hour or so I have to say we weren’t so upbeat as neither of us had had a bite.  The downstream rod then registered a positive bite which turned out to be a Bream around the 6lb mark.  Not a bad start.  I then started to get a succession of very quick raps on the rod tip.  No matter how long I left them they wouldn’t develop into anything I could hit.  Before long though I did have another positive bite and this turned out to be another Bream only this time it was bigger at 7.8.  In the meantime Andy was getting plagued by Pike in his swim having landed a couple aswell as being bitten off numerous times.

I then managed my target species, a Perch.  It was a good one too.  I was expecting it to weigh 3.2 Trent Perchin the upper two region but was really happy to see the scales pull round to 3.2.

Andy was experimenting with his new 16 foot float rod and hooked into another fish which for all the world we were expecting to be another Pike.  To our surprise it was a lovely Chub weighing 5.15.

The bites were coming thick and fast and I managed some more Bream all over the 6lb mark.  I also managed another reasonable Perch at 1.14 before landing another that was 2lb on the nose.  I thought i’d managed to get away without being pestered by Pike but my last two fish were both Pike.  The first one about 5lb and the second slightly bigger that would have been nudging double figures.

By then end of the day we were happy with what we had caught.  5 Bream averaging well over 6lb with the biggest going 7.8, 3 perch upto 3.2 and 2 Pike.  Andy had managed some Bream, Pike and his nice Chub.  We ended the day happy and really looking forward to the next day which would be the last day of the season.

Our hearts sank though as we sat eating breakfast looking at the EA river levels.  The river had Andy 5.15 Chubcome up over two feet from yesterday morning.  Our original plan had to be scrapped as the river was too high.  Andy thought about driving home and I thought about going back to bed.  Not wanting to be defeated we decided to drive down and take a look at the river anyway.

To say it was horrendous was an understatement.  The spot that we fished yesterday was still fishable as it is an area of slack water that isn’t affected by the flow.  The colour of the river resembled chocolate milk though.  Rather than go home we both decided to fish the same swim using one rod each.  The plan was to fish for a couple of hours and then head off.  To our surprise we both started to get bites straight away.  I was getting the same rod wrenching bites that I was getting yesterday only this time I managed to hit a couple.  The culprits turned out to be Roach and quite good one’s too around the 10 – 12oz mark.  The Bream then showed up again and we both managed to get into them.  Again they were all decent fish ranging from 5 – 7lb.  The colour of the water deterred the Perch though which is a shame as neither of us had one although Andy did lose one within his first few casts.

The afternoon was very slow but despite this and the fact the river was still rising we stuck it out.  Unfortunately we didn’t get a fairy tale ending but we had managed a couple of days of some very good fishing. The questions is, what to do now the river season has finished?


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