Marmite? Yes please.

3.5 Derwent PerchAfter a good days fishing on the Trent last week I was really looking forward to getting down there again.  Unfortunately the weather gods had different ideas as it rained all day Thursday pushing the levels Trent up.  Had I been Chub or Barbel fishing I wouldn’t have mind but as I wish fishing for Perch I knew the current would be too strong and the water too coloured in the swim that I had planned to fish.

Not to worry as I had the marmite swim on the Derwent as my backup.  The good thing about the Derwent is it rises and falls very quickly after heavy rain.  If I had my way I would like the level to have been at 1 metre for marmite but when I checked this morning it had dropped down to 0.90.  It’s only a shallow swim so it fishes better with a bit of water on it.

Despite this I decided to make the long walk which took even longer due to a bout of man flu.  It was just getting light as I arrived at the swim and I was really looking forward to getting a bait out. I put the right hand rod a couple of rod lengths out and before I even had chance to get the second rod setup something was showing an interest in the worm hookbait.  I decided to give it a few minutes to see if the bite developed but unfortunately it didn’t.

As daylight broke I saw a fish rise just off a crease so I decided to reel my left hand rod in and fill the feeder with chopped worm and have a go.  Casting about 5 yards upstream I didn’t have to wait long before the rod tip rattled and then pulled over.  In came a sprightly chub that looked about 2lb.  It looked immaculate as if it had never been caught before.  I really think the Chub are starting to have a bit of a revival.

Throughout the morning I kept getting bites on the right hand rod and although being positive bites I couldn’t hit them.  It didn’t matter how long I left them to develop.  Before too long though the left hand rod was away.  I immediately saw a flash of the green flank of a decent Perch before it decided to take on the characteristics of a Trout and leap out of the water in a bid for freedom.  After a few hairy moments where it tried to get in some tree roots she was in the net.  It looked over 3 and the scales settled at 3.5.  Again it looked in fantastic condition.

As is usually the case the bites dried up before out of the blue the left hand rod was away again.  I hooked into another decent fish and the thump thump on the rod tip told me that it was another Perch.  I slowly drew it towards the bank before the hook inexplicably pulled.  I was gutted.

Unfortunately the afternoon didn’t live up to the morning.  The strong north westerly wind made it uncomfortable to fish in.  I hooked into a pike which promptly bit through my hooklink and although I had a couple more bites they weren’t positive enough to strike on.  Not to worry though, it had been an enjoyable day.  I just hope my next fishing trip will be on the Trent.


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