My Sweet Valentine

3.6 Trent Perch
3.6 Trent Perch

I’m not really one for Valentines’s Day and fortunately neither is my partner so when I said I was going fishing I knew I wouldn’t get any ear ache.  The plan was to fish a stretch of the trent that I have only fished once before but where I did see the biggest Perch that I have ever clapped eyes on.

I arrived at the car park to meet Andy and Neil at 6:30am.  I don’t know why we insist on meeting in the dark when we’re fishing a new stretch.  You really need to get a good idea of the stretch in the daylight.  Nevertheless we tackled up in an area that we felt might hold Perch.  Unfortunately this turned out to be probably the snaggiest swim on the trent.  Every cast resulted in lost terminal tackle of some sort.  We decided a move was on the cards.  As I lifted the rod up to reel in I thought I was snagged again until I felt the thump thump of a very good fish despite the fact I hadn’t seen a bite. The fish hugged the bottom for a short while and was then gone.  The hooklink had parted and immediately Pike sprang to mind.  Pike really do love worms.

A move downstream to an area that had overhanging willows and had some gorgeous looking slacks seemed the ideal place to setup and target Perch.  I didn’t have to wait long until a bite on the downstream rod resulted in a nice Perch weighing 2.5.

Andy was next into a fish weighing 2.6 before I then had a fish weighing 1.10.  Again Andy had another fish weighing 2.8.

All then went quiet for a for the next couple of hours.  Then I had a spell of fishing quite unlike

3.3 Trent Perch
3.3 Trent Perch

any other I have experienced.  Around lunchtime I managed to winkle out another fish weighing 1.4.  That fish  started a feeding frenzy for the next hour where I kept getting bite after bite.  The rod tips were literally pulling over.  I had fish of 2.15, 3.6 and 3.3 aswell as losing 3 other decent fish.  Quite how I missed some of the bites i’ll never know.  I can only presume the Perch were taking the ends of the worm and moving off.  That is one of the downside’s to with fishing with worms.

As quickly as the feeding started it then went all quiet. Towards late afternoon Andy managed another decent fish at 3.3 and I managed another at 1.12.  Then about 30 minutes before packing up I had a very tentative bite and I hooked into what at fist I thought was another good Perch.  Unfortunately it turned out to be a Pike about 8lb only this time I managed to get it in the net before it had chance to bite through the hooklink.

The day concluded with some of the best Perch fishing I have experienced on the Trent.  The only downside was we did have to deal with rampaging dogs, canoeists, pleasure boats, mountain bikers and more joggers than you can shake a stick at.


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