Gotta take the rough with the smooth

Dawn on the river DerwentAfter a reasonable run of fish recently I have to say a recent fishing trip brought me back down to earth with a bang.  I’d been desperate to get out for a week or so and although the temperature was hovering around the freezing mark I was desperate to get out.  I planned on a Chub and Perch session on the lower Derwent and in readiness I had made up a smelly cheese paste from a recipe that was provided by a friend.  The plan was to fish for Chub with the cheese paste and worms on the other rod for Perch.

Myself and Mr C headed to a Chub spot at daybreak with thoughts of monster Chub and Perch in our heads. It’s funny because whenever I arrive at a spot I am instantly expecting a bite, even more so when  I’m using a new bait recipe.  The walk to the spot kept us warm in the sub-zero temperatures and I couldn’t wait to cast in.

It’s funny how that anticipation soon disappears and after an hour without a bite we decided to reel in and have a wander downstream in search of a new spot.  We found the inside of a bend where a lovely bit of slack water looked ideal for Perch and a crease between the slack and the faster water further out looked ideal for Chub.

Another hour later and without a bite we decided another move was on the cards.  I think it’s a good idea to move about and try different spots when the temperatures are very cold.  This time it meant jumping in the car and heading a few miles upstream.  The good thing about trying different spots in such cold weather is that it does warm you up.

We arrived at the third spot where we have had Chub and Perch in the past and settled down in anticipation.  Time ticked on and I still hadn’t had a bite.  Mr C then managed a small pike on worm about 6lb.  That’s three he’s had in the last two trips with the biggest going 17lb, all on worm.  I on the other hand tried a variety of different methods trying to tempt a fish but no matter what I did I couldn’t get a bite.

As late afternoon approached the cold finally took it’s toll and as the light faded we decided to call it a day.  It’s a long time since I failed to register a bite in a full days fishing.  I suppose my luck had to change someday.  I’ve had a good run of fish recently.  I don’t mind blanking as it makes you appreciate the next bite all the more and i’ll be back out there soon enough.



One thought on “Gotta take the rough with the smooth

  1. Rob Goodwin February 12, 2015 / 11:05 am

    Derwent pike really like lobworms! I’ve had a few this season too.

    Regards Rob Goodwin

    PS Nice site BTW!


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