Derwent Days

6.4 Derwent Chub
6.4 Derwent Chub

Spent the day in a couple of new swims on the Derwent today with Mr C.  As usual we got there well before daylight.  The river had risen a bit over the last day due to the snow melt.  A quick check on the EA website this morning showed it had dropped a couple of centimetres.  At least the temperature was going to be a couple of degrees warmer than the last few days.

It was difficult picking out a couple of swims when it was still dark but we decided on a couple that had a fair bit of slack water on the near side.  As it got lighter we realised that the swims weren’t really suitable so we quickly packed our gear up and made our way further downstream until we came to what looked like deeper water.  Protected by overhanging willows we had a good bit of slack water on the near side and much faster water towards the far bank.

I started off fishing tight under the near bank near the willows hoping that any perch nearby would pick up on the chopped worm.  After an hour without a bite I decided to try a bit further out on the crease where the slack met the faster water.  On the first cast something was playing around with the worm hookbait.  Within seconds the bite developed into something more positive and I struck into a solid lump that immediately felt like a good Chub.  As soon as it was in the net I could tell it was a good fish and it turned out to weigh 6.4.  Normally after getting a Chub on the Derwent I find the swim switches off for a while.  I continued to fish with one rod on the crease and another close in.

Just over an hour later the nearside rod pulled over which again signalled Chub.  This one being

5.5 Battle Scarred Derwent Chub
5.5 Battle Scarred Derwent Chub

slightly smaller at 5.5 but still a good fish nonetheless.  Catching big Chub is always enjoyable but where were the Perch?

With the sun on our backs the day was turning out to be very pleasant indeed.  After a coffee and a sandwich another bite came on the nearside rod completely out of the blue.  Again not the Perch I was after but another good Chub.  This one slightly smaller again at 5.1.  By this time I was really starting to feel that the day could turn into something special.

Then after lunch something noticeable changed with the river.  With the levels dropping it completely altered the flow of the river.  Where before I had a nice glassy slack it had turned into a series of heavy boils.  I never feel as confident when fishing in these kinds of conditions.  Despite this we fished on and although I never had another bite all day, Mr C managed a mint conditioned Chub right at the last knockings.

All in all 3 Chub for a total weight of 16.10 isn’t something to be sniffed at.


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