What’s with the lip grip?

To lip grip or not to lip grip?  That is the question.
To lip grip or not to lip grip? That is the question.

I can’t help but notice that the trend for holding Perch by their bottom lip in photographs seems to have grown enormously over the past year.  Some photo’s showing the Perch being held are worse than others.  On some photo’s the Perch are not supported under their body and all their weight is pivoted on the bottom lip.  Other’s are still held by their bottom lip but have their bodies supported.

I realise this trend has migrated it’s way from the bass fishing scene in America but it seems that some of of the sponsored anglers for tackle manufacturers over here in the UK have now taken it upon themselves to hold Perch in this way.  Unfortunately if your everyday angler see’s a so called celebrity angler holding fish this way they are going to think it is an acceptable thing to do.  How long before we start seeing fish with deformed jaws?

Personally I can’t see how this can be good for the fish at all.  If anyone out there has any evidence to support that the lip grip does no harm to the fish then I would be interested to see it.  After all we, as anglers, are supposed to care for our quarry and return them in a safe and un-harmed manner.


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