Reflections of 2014.

14.8 River pike caught on the fly.
14.8 River pike caught on the fly.

Well as it’s a new year and a new blog where should I start?  I guess a natural place would be a short reflection of 2014 as a fishing year.

2014 started out like the last few years in that I could be found on the rivers fishing for Pike on the fly.  Admittedly I didn’t get out as much as I would have liked as it was an incredibly wet winter for us.  Most of the rivers around me were in flood making it difficult to fish the fly effectively.  In fact so much so that it wasn’t until the beginning of March before I was able to finally put some half decent fish on the bank.  My local river doesn’t product huge Pike with a double figure fish being a good fish.  Fortunately I was able to put a Pike of 14.6 on the bank before season’s end on the 14th March.

2014 saw me fish Chew much earlier than normal.  A weekend trip in March and another in

24.4 Fly caught Pike - Chew
24.4 Fly caught Pike – Chew

April proved pretty fruitless.  I did manage to catch on both occasions but only small fish.  I’ve never fished there in March and April before and I can honestly say I won’t be trying it again.  Normal service was resumed in May though with a nice Pike of 24.4 coming to the fly.

June, July and August same me on the banks of the River Soar quite a bit.  I’ve got a bit of a love hate relationship with the Soar.  I love it because it’s quite intimate in places and I hate it because it’s probably my least successfull river in terms of catch returns.  My first few trips there were in search of Barbel.  It was hard going and just when I was thinking of giving up I did manage a small fish around the 5.8 mark.

2.4 Soar Caught Perch
2.4 Soar Caught Perch

September saw me turn my attentions to Perch.  Again the Soar was my choice of venue.  After a couple of exploratory sessions I managed to find a good spot that held quite a few Perch.  A nice fish of 2.4 graced my net but other than that no biggies showed up.  I also had my final trip of the season the Chew in search of Pike and perch on the fly. The weekend saw me catch quite a few Pike but nothing big.  It was the Perch that were grabbing my attention though with several fish caught to just under 3lb.

October saw me join The Perchfishers.  I had wanted to join for a while.  I was looking forward to meeting some of my fellow members on their fish-in’s.  October and November saw me join them on the Great Ouse and the Thames.  Unfortunately I didn’t catch any decent Perch but I did catch plenty of other species including a nice Chub from the Thames.

December really saw me target Perch in a big way on my local rivers.  Unfortunately the trent

2.15.8 Derbyshire Derwent Perch
2.15.8 Derbyshire Derwent Perch

was too high to fish comfortably but her tributaries were more than fishable.  When the rivers were completely out of sorts I dropped back onto a local stillwater.  December saw me end the year with several good Perch including my pb of 4.15 aswell as another at 4lb followed by a 3.13 and loads over the 2lb mark.


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