Who’s been fishing in myyyyyyyyy swim????

So, checking the river levels on the EA website there appeared to be a bit of extra water on and with that in mind I decided to go after the Barbel.  It would be the first time that i’d specifically targetted them this year despite getting a couple while out after the river Carp.

I went to an area that i’ve fished before that I knew would be good for a bite or two and where there is a good head of doubles.  On arrival my normally pristine bit of heaven had been roughed up.  Gone was my little secluded bit of utopia to be replaced by a swim that would be a shoe in for gold at the show garden section of the Chelsea flower show.  In fairness it made fishing the swim a lot easier so i’m not complaining.

Fishing boilies and pellets in a pva bag I kept the bait going in fairly regularly even though I wasn’t expecting a bite until dark so it was a bit of a shock when the right hand rod produced a bite during daylight hours.  I could feel the fish doing Continue reading


Change of Plans

Bit of a change of plan last night.  I’d got myself all fired up to go after the cats.  I’d got my stuff all sorted in terms of bait, rigs, location etc… only to find that the lake was fully booked.  No monsieur, that just won’t do.  I hate crowds and won’t fish if I think there are too many people on somewhere so I had to have a plan B.

I fancied Barbel or Carp on the river but with the rivers being so low it wasn’t floating my boat.  Besides i’d checked the forecast and we were due some heavy rain overnight so I figured so they would be on the menu (not literally) Thursday night, although looking outside now it doesn’t look like we’ve had a lot.

I toyed with the idea of doing an overnighter for Carp on a stillwater, mused over whether to go after the Eel’s again on my local but in the end I settled on the Zander because everything was set up and I was being a lazy arse.

I got down the river a bit earlier than normal such was my impatience.  I was wondering if it was going to be as hectic as my last trip but on this Continue reading

Slowly slowly catchy moggie

The last couple of seasons I have dabbled at trying catch a catfish of a respectable size by design.  The two out of the trent were great but they weren’t that big and I fluked them both when out Zander fishing.  Not that i’m complaining, far from it.  It’s because of those two fish that my interest has been sparked into catching a bigger one.

So yesterday the opportunity arose to have a 24 hour session on a cat lake that holds a reasonable head of fish.  The biggest to come out is around 48lb which is respectable but not massive compared to some UK cat waters.  I would be happy catching one half that size.

I set up in a corner where I had a good view down the lake.  I’d got no one fishing near me so if i did hook a decent fish then I didn’t have to worry too much about crossing lines.  The swim I had chosen had some overhanging trees to my left which looked a prime Continue reading

That was a session and a half

The plan this week was to prebait for Barbel for two nights in advance and then go and fish for them on the third night.  My plan was thwarted though when I got to the river and couldn’t even get to the swim because of the balsam and nettles.  In fact I couldn’t get to any of the swims I fancied.  It’s a horrible feeling when you’ve got yourself fired up to fish for something but then can’t.  That was Tuesday night.  I could have fished another river for them but my mojo had gone so I decided to go back after the Zeds on Thursday night (tonight as I write this) even though I wanted a bit of a break from them.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, sat at my desk yesterday (Wednesday) I couldn’t wait until Thursday so after finishing work I drove home and picked up a pack of deadbaits and was fishing by 7pm.  What I wasn’t expecting was five fish in five casts before 7:30.  Included in them was a decent Perch around the 2.8 mark.  The others being small Zander that fought like mad in the deep water.  I seriously thought they were a lot bigger Continue reading

In pursuit of Roachy’ness

Since my last post i’ve had a number of sessions on the river after yet more Zander and Eels.  Plenty of Zander have come my way but unfortunately no more big one’s and the Eel’s are proving particularly elusive so, after my last session on Thursday I decided to have a bit of a break and have a dabble at something else.

I’ve always fancied the challenge of Roach fishing particularly on a big gravel pit so I headed to one such pit that isn’t known for Roach but where i’ve had them upto 1.10 in the past.  I arrived on the water at 7am and knew exactly where I was heading so it was a big relief to see that no one was in the swim.  The hot weather had finally given way to some more favourable fishing conditions and with the wind howling down the lake and temperatures much more bearable I had high expectations for the day.

I put one rod out just off the marginal shelf to the left and two rods out in a tight area at fourteen yards to my right.  I spombed out my favourite particle mix being careful not to fill it in to start with and just fishing for a bite at a time.  Sat their with the rods out I watched the water that had a really good chop on it before I saw a decent Tench roll in the scum lane that had formed just past the fourteen yard rods.  A short while later another one rolled, although I suppose it could have been the same fish and although they were past where my bait was I had no doubt that the high attraction of my particles and boilies would be within sniffing range of them.  I had been fishing for just over an hour and really was expecting one Continue reading