Fish: 1 – SB: 0

With my pecker firmly up after a couple of good days Bream fishing I thought i’d take the opportunity to get out again.  This time I wasn’t targeting anything in particular but rather thought i’d have a recce at another pit and try and catch some fish in the process.  It’s a lovely little water probably better known for it’s carp but there are some nice Tench in there and I have had the odd Bream.  To try and take advantage I drove down the previous night and pre-baited in the hope that I could get on the spot in the morning.

Conditions seemed perfect when I arrived so out went a couple of feeders full of groundbait and particles.  I was hoping the pre-baiting had the desired effect and hold a few fish in the spot.  There were a few fish moving, mostly carp but with the odd Roach dimpling the surface too.

Time slipped by and it was a good few hours before I got my first bite urning out to be a Roach about 10oz.  Was this the start of the big feed?   Continue reading

I Dream of Bream – Day 2

Another double coming in at 10.8

As I drove down the M1 I couldn’t help but wonder whether i’d put enough groundbait in last night before I left the water or had I put in too much.  The water was still cold and I couldn’t be sure that the pre-baiting would work so I wasn’t sure how the day would pan out.  I parked up and made the long walk around to the same swim that I fished yesterday.  I might have to invest in a wheel barrow type thing that the carpers use.  The rods were already clipped up so I knew I would be fishing over my groundbait and rather than introduce anymore via the catapult I just clipped on a feeder and used that.  I put out the worm rod again close in and that was the first to indicate a bite just a few minutes after casting out.  I struck into the familiar head shaking of a Perch this one weighing 2.6. Continue reading

I Dream of Bream – Day 1

10.11 – Fat little Porker

The Easter break couldn’t come quickly enough as the plan was to have a couple of days Bream fishing.  This style of fishing is all a bit new to me and over the past year it’s been a bit hit and miss, in all honesty it’s mostly been a miss.  It’s no secret that distance fishing appears to be the name of the game when it comes to Bream fishing and apparently they like features such as channels, underwater islands, that kind of thing.  Now being a lazy so and so I really don’t like spending half of my day chucking a lead about trying to find features but if that’s what the Bream want then that’s what the Bream get and being a new water to me I relented and got the marker rod out.   After a bit of time spent with the lead and Continue reading

A bit of Fun!

Sometimes it’s just good to get out so yesterday I decided to get out and fish a large Nottinghamshire gravel pit that I hadn’t fished before.  The plan was to take a bucket of groundbait and see what was out there.

The day worked out pretty much as i’d planned.  Nothing extravagant but plenty of Roach upto 12oz on dead maggots and a solitary Bream that looked somewhere between six and seven pound.  I also had the annoyance of losing another but that’s the way it goes sometimes.  Plenty of bites were to be had and hopefully i’ll get there again in the near future.

The water still feels pretty cold but it was good to see a few fish moving so lets hope that in the next couple of weeks they’ll seriously get their heads down and feed.

Return to Chew

Seriously, if you desperately want to catch a big Pike on the fly, don’t go to Chew. Instead, pay a couple of grand and fly out to a lodge in the remotest part of Canada as it will be cheaper and probably more successful in the long run. As I made the long journey home listening to Roachford’s Greatest Hit(s) it dawned on me that I too was a one hit wonder. At least I was when it came to Chew Pike. I’ve fished Chew quite a bit on the fly over the years and at the back end of last year I vowed never to hand over a wad of my hard earned cash to the cheery Bristol Water staff ever again. Fast forward six months and there I was afloat thinking I was going to break the British Pike record. Cabin fever can do a strange thing to a man’s mind and I can only assume that’s why I agreed to Mr C’s request to spend two days there in March which is probably the hardest time of the year to catch a Pike.

Conditions are a big factor when fishing the fly.  It’s Continue reading