Double Delight

10.1 – I’ll have that.

I’ve been down the river the last couple of nights back in search of the Zander but also with thoughts of getting the odd eel.  Wednesday night was a struggle with only small Zander to show for it.  Conditions were perfect with the weather slightly cooler than the previous few weeks and more cloud cover although it left me wondering whether it had a negative effect on the fish.

Last night I headed to the river after work and after a natter to someone who was out shooting I finally cast out just after 7pm.  I was going to stick it out until around 1am to give me the best chance possible of getting a few fish including some eel’s if possible.

Again conditions were ace with it being cooler and much more overcast.  Casting out I expected the rods to rattle off pretty quickly but surprisingly Continue reading


No one ever said it was gonna be easy!!

As once sang by the Inspiral Carpets and the late Mark E Smith.  They were right too.

I really wanted to get an edge on these Carp in the river that i’ve been trying to catch so Tuesday and Wednesday saw me heading down to the river to bait up.  It was an effort though.  The new spot really is on the cusp of how far I want to drive to put bait in but if you want to make a difference you really do have to go that extra mile I suppose.  While baiting up I sat and watched the river for a good hour but didn’t see anything of any size moving.

Last night I headed down to fish the baited areas but waited a bit longer than usual due to the heat.  It had been a stifling day but thankfully when I left home there was some much needed cloud cover.  I made my first cast out just after half six and put the 3 rods in the same positions as before.  My heart was telling me to expect a bite straight away but my head was telling me to stop being stupid.  It’s a big bit of river and the bait from the last two nights might not have been touched but I couldn’t help but feel optimistic.

Nothing happened during the evening and it wasn’t until it got fully dark before I heard fish starting to move.  A couple of Barbel crashed out Continue reading

River Carp

I had to change my plans this weekend.  I’d got myself all sorted for a weekend after Carp on an estate lake and was really looking forward to it but then I got a call from the electrician to say he could come and wire out my new garage.  I was tempted to postpone him but knowing how hard it is to get any of his time I figured I had best change my plans to suit.  So instead, last night I headed back down to the new stretch of river where I fished recently for Zander but this time I had my sights set on targetting one of the decent sized Carp that are in that stretch.  I had nothing to go really but there was an area where the flow doesn’t get going until a couple of rod lengths out.  It’s a proper Carpy looking swim though with the odd lilly pad close in along with the obligatory scary looking snag.  Knowing I wouldn’t be casting far I decided to use my ten foot Scope’s which was good because I had been looking for another excuse to use them.  The fishing wasn’t anything technical and as I was fishing so close in I put the hemp and scattering of boilies in by hand.  With an underarm flick I put one rod in just before the crease and lowered the other rod in off the rod end off the edge of the lillies.  I also put another rod a bit further up the bank, again quite close in and sat well back from the waters edge so as not to spook the fish.  In my head i’d got visions of them patrolling that margin so with a bit of luck one would come across one of my three baits.

I checked the time and it was just after 6pm.  The traffic had been a nightmare to get here but I planned on fishing until midnight so I’d got plenty of time.  The sun was beating down as it has been for what seems like an eternity but there was a slight breeze which Continue reading

Eel’s – initial findings

Just a quick one this, but I just wanted to get something down in writing.  One thing I have been wanting to have a crack at this Summer is Eel’s.  It was always going to be a bit exploratory trip mainly because I have never targetted them before.  I’ve had a fair few eel’s out of the Trent on the Zander gear including one which was as thick as my wrist that I didn’t weigh.  It was a case of “shit what have I done” when I watched it swim off but I really just wanted to get it back rather than mess all my gear up and eel’s weren’t on my agenda then.  To put it into perspective a few days later when I caught another I decided to weigh it and it came in at 3.12 and that was a lot smaller in comparison.

I joined a local club as it mentioned that one of their waters contained Eel’s.  I had no idea how true this was and as I hadn’t seen anyone fishing the pond in question I had no one to ask.  When I enquired on joining the membership secretary said that some big one’s had come out a few years back.  So all in all, not much information.

I polled up last night in bright sunshine not really expecting a lot and cast out two small sections of Roach using basically the same tactics as my Zander gear.  Fishing slackish line’s and light bobbins.  The water was deep and I mean really deep.  It had something to do with a former colliery and I think was used for cooling something or other down back in the day.

I really wasn’t expecting to catch.  There was stacks of bits on the surface and everytime I got a liner my heart was in my mouth.

The plan was to stick it out until half twelve.  I know people generally fish all night for Eel’s but I didn’t have that luxury tonight.  As the night drew to a close it wasn’t a surprise that I hadn’t had a bite it was always going to be a case of shit or bust before the right hand rod burst into life with a screamer just as I was thinking about packing in.  I struck expecting something to be on the end but there was nothing.  Looking at the bait a chunk had been taken out of the Roach section.  I was gutted but also excited at the same time.  Gutted because I missed it but excited because it was obviously my intended target.  I toyed with the idea of re-casting that rod but I literally only had five minutes to go.  I was packing the rod away before the left hand rod kicked into life.  The bobbin reached the rod butt and then stopped.  I switched the head torch on to look at the rod tip and I could see it bouncing up and down.  Something was obviously on so I struck and felt the jag-jag of an eel.  It was pulling a bit so I knew it wasn’t a boot lace.  I got it in the net and it looked over two pounds but I didn’t weigh it or take a photo as I couldn’t see the point.  It was just good to prove a point and it’s given me something to build on for next time.

New Beginnings

New beginnings

Its all change on the river front this year.  After many years of fishing the same stretches I really felt it was time for a new challenge so with that I’ve joined a different club with the view of getting to know that particular stretch of river that they own.    I’ve done this before and always been drawn back to my regular jaunts but this season, or certainly for the majority of it, i’m going to concentrate on the new water and not get distracted by what i’ve caught previously.  I primarily joined it for the Zander and Barbel but apparently it is more known for it’s Carp.

I went down on Wednesday night for a few hours after a long day at work to get a feel for it.  I took the Zander rods as it’s easy fishing and I don’t need to take a mountain of gear and set about doing some exploring.  It would also give me chance to sit there and watch the river for signs of fish.

Not a lot happened, apart from one suicidal Pike that took my Roach section when I was reeling it in, but it was good to sit there and take it all in.  I stuck it out until 11:30pm and I really wanted to give it longer but I had to be up early the following morning and I had a bit of a walk back to the car.

I decided to return last night (Thursday) and fish a different swim .  This one was slightly pacier and not as deep.  One thing i’ve learned about Zander Continue reading