On it like a car bonnet

Well, firstly I haven’t updated the blog for a while because I have been blanking like a goodun over Winter on my Roach quest and then with the lockdown i’ve not been out.  Plus, prior to lockdown I haven’t been out as much.  Now lockdown is over i’m back on it and need to get out a bit more than I have been.

With the river season over and having missed my Spring Bream campaign I decided to try something a bit different and head to the canal for a bit of Zander fishing.  I’ve dropped one of my club tickets off so I headed to another stretch that to be fair is pretty barren.  No boats moored up to cast towards so I headed to the only feature which was some overhanging trees.

As i’ve said before, i’m not a fan of canals so expectations were low.  Ten minutes in and the quivertip sprung into life resulting in a battle from a lively Pike around the 8lb mark.  Not what I was after but it was the first fish I’d had in a long time.  From that moment on it was quiet for the next 3 hours when a small Zander turned up.

I can’t say that I was sat there filled with excitement.  It was good to be out but it really was a bland way of fishing.  Nothing like bing on the river after the Zeds.  As darkness fell I put on fresh baits and had a recast.  Within seconds of recasting one of the rods was away but I struck into thin air.  The roach was ripped to shreds so I put it down to a small Pike.  I recast and exactly the same thing happened.  Buoyed by the bites but frustrated by missing them I put another bait on and recast.  I tried to set the bobbin on a drop but it wouldn’t hang properly and it took me a couple of seconds to realise it was because there was a fish on.  In came another small Zander and then for the following three casts I had a bite straightway resulting in another three Zander the biggest being the last that looked around the four and a half pound mark.  And then with a “poof” they were gone.  Six bites in six casts and then not a single bite after that.

By the end I was a bit reluctant to pack up but it was getting late and it felt like the best of the fishing had been and gone.  It was great to get a few bites.  I may go back if I need a fix but I really am looking forward to doing a bit of catting and getting on the river when they open up.  I will try and keep this blog a bit more up to date this year.


So, where we?  Oh yes.  Breaming.  I had my last Bream session on the 16th May and following on from the previous session it was a bit of a stunner. Not as many fish but it did include 3 more doubles but not the sizes I was after.  Not only were the Bream on the munch but the carp had got their heads down too with three mid-doubles coming to the net.

Since then its been Tench and cats every week and every session has been a blank.  In fact I think that is probably the longest period i’ve been without catching.  Still, everything has to come to an end eventually and thankfully this week it did.

I arrived at one of my cat waters to be greeted with the sight of a cat trying to take down a fully grown mallard.  I kid you not.  There were 7 mallards swimming along minding their own business when a cat swirled behind one of them. Spooked, the mallard flew a few feet only for the cat to come back and have another go.  It looked a big un aswell.  From that moment I just knew I was going to get a chance.

Desperate to get a rod out I tackled up as quickly as possible.  I put one rod out to cover where i’d seen the fish., another to my left and one straight out in front of me.

Fishing for cats can be a very long and drawn out process.  Bites seem to be rare during the day and you can’t wait for night time to come when they come on the feed.  I sat there Continue reading

Smells like Bream Spirit

Just a quick catch up to start with.  I’ve not written a lot on here recently because I haven’t had much to write about.  Despite having three good days Roach fishing which culminated in 35 fish over the pound mark I didn’t manage that elusive two, with the biggest going 1.10, which actually was a pb beating my old one by an ounce.  Still that’s fine, I don’t want it too easy and it’s all about the challenge.  There’s always next Winter and it’s good to have something to look forward to.

When the Roach fishing ended I went straight onto the Bream.  With time limited I did some nights instead and although I caught I didn’t get the doubles that I was after.  Day sessions haven’t been any easier but I managed a few fish including a pb Tench at 7.4.  All in all I can’t help but feel it’s been a slow start to the Breaming and it felt like they hadn’t really switched on yet.

With my last session just over a week ago I headed back out yesterday hoping for better returns.  The wind had changed to a cold northerly Continue reading

I mean it, that’s it now.

At the end of my last post I mentioned that after catching my pb Barbel I would move onto something else for the remainder of the river season.  Hmmm, didn’t quite work out unfortunately.

I did a couple of evenings the following week and despite a lost Chub, which actually felt like a decent one until it snagged me on some unseen, immovable object different to the one where the barbel snagged me, I never had a bite or even had a sniff of a Barbel.  I had decided after those two blanks that it really was it for Barbel for this season.  Time to try for that Zander.

Or at least that was the plan until we had all this rain.  I kept checking the river levels and thinking, where I would have my best chance at getting a zed?  I had options but they didn’t appeal to me so I sat at home and deliberated.  The obvious option would be to target the Barbel.  The rivers screamed it but after the last two blanks it was as if that was a sign to leave it be.  I really fancied a zed but as I sat there staring at the river levels I very nearly convinced myself to just stay at home, stick the telly on and drink tea all night.  In the end though I decided to have another crack at the Barbel even though I wasn’t really in the mood.

I arrived at the river with plenty of daylight left and rather than just plonking myself in the first swim that looked tasty, I had a proper Continue reading

Barbel Bonanza

With the weather being mild and settled for the past week I decided to skip the Roach fishing this weekend and try and get a winter Barbel while they are at their highest weights.  I’ve made no bones about the fact that I want to break my pb that I caught back in 2010.  Getting over that 14lb barrier has become some sort of mental block that I feel that i’m not going to get over in a hurry.  In fairness though most of my Barbel fishing has been done in Summer and I had a break from it for several years only really getting back into it last season.  I’m not making excuses but, well actually I am making excuses.

Friday night saw me head to what has become a bit of a banker swim for me.  It’s nondescript and most people would walk past it but it’s done some of my bigger fish and I keep telling myself this is where i’ll get my pb.  I arrived on the river in glorious sunshine armed with a few pre-made pva bags.  I didn’t make too many because I didn’t want to go mad and put too much bait in.  Just a few little morsels and some paste wrapped around my bait.  I didn’t cast in straight away, preferring to wait until the sun had got lower and then I made Continue reading