An evening on the river.

With my Zander fishing being put on hold due to the river being high I decided to do a bit of Barbel fishing to tide me over.  With all the floods we had over the Winter the river has changed quite dramatically.  Whereas normally there would be plenty of weed in the river, now there is virtually none, ripped out by the powerful currents.  The banks too have been stripped of vegetation, although it’s coming back strong now, in particular the balsam.  This presented an opportunity to fish some areas that are not normally easily accessible.  The area I settled on is relatively shallow and fast and with the extra water on it was really pushing through.  I’d seen the odd Chub rising when I walked the river in the closed season so was confident that I may get a fish or two.  The far bank had a couple of overhanging trees that looked perfect for the fish to take cover.  Downstream, although even shallower also looked really fishy and although there were no features, looked a great spot to pick a Barbel up.

I cast the two rods towards the trees and made up some pva sticks while waiting for darkness to fall.  I’d brought a third rod and I planned to fish that Continue reading

A Cats for life, not just for Christmas

It’s fair to say I was a little apprehensive on my journey down to my cat water yesterday.  With one fish lost on my previous visit I’d got pangs of doubt swilling around in that vast empty space between my tabs.  Although I generally get a bite or two, hooking and landing the slippery suckers is proving more than a challenge and it’s not uncommon for me to blank.

I really wanted to try a different area of the lake today, although that would be dictated by how many people were already there so, when I arrived and found an empty lake it’s fair to say I was a little moist.  I decided to setup in the swim that had been producing the goods a few weeks ago.  Something that was difficult for me to do for not wanting it to look like I was taking the easy option.  I was in no rush to cast in, taking time to get everything right as it was only mid-afternoon and I’m not very confident Continue reading

You learn something new everyday

I completed my fist catfish session of the season a couple of nights back.  It’s still all relatively new to me and I have to say I’m really mad keen for it.  I took two days off work, last minute, and drove down there moist with anticipation.  It had been fishing well and one peg in particular was producing the goods.  The previous night, one angler had five fish from that swim and others that had fished previously had also reported good catches.

I arrived at 10am to find the place empty with not another angler on there.  The hot spot swim was free, so what did I do?  Yes, that’s right, I fished a swim at the Continue reading

The boy done good.

Desperation has been setting in recently so, i’ve been back down the canal a couple of times after the Zander.  I’ve got to say, it’s only because I have really taken to Zeds that I head back down there.  Dodging dog turds and even worse, kneeling in them isn’t what I’d class as fun but when you need a fix, extreme measures are called for.

There really is no point getting down there too early as it doesn’t appear to switch on until darkness descends.  You can get the odd small fish but the better fish really do come later on.  So, I decided to walk along the river on a scouting mission checking out a few likely spots ready for the 16th June before heading to the canal.

White dog poo avoided I settled down in the same spot as before an hour or so before dusk.  I winkled out a little schoolie but waited for the main event to start.  Just like flicking a switch, as darkness fell, the bites became a lot more frequent.  I missed a few that were really savage but checking the bait they had been ragged by Continue reading

On it like a car bonnet

Well, firstly I haven’t updated the blog for a while because I have been blanking like a goodun over Winter on my Roach quest and then with the lockdown i’ve not been out.  Plus, prior to lockdown I haven’t been out as much.  Now lockdown is over i’m back on it and need to get out a bit more than I have been.

With the river season over and having missed my Spring Bream campaign I decided to try something a bit different and head to the canal for a bit of Zander fishing.  I’ve dropped one of my club tickets off so I headed to another stretch that to be fair is pretty barren.  No boats moored up to cast towards so I headed to the only feature which was some overhanging trees.

As i’ve said before, i’m not a fan of canals so expectations were low.  Ten minutes in and the quivertip sprung into life resulting in a battle from a lively Pike around the 8lb mark.  Not what I was after but it was the first fish I’d had in a long time.  From that moment on it was quiet for the next 3 hours when a small Zander turned up.

I can’t say that I was sat there filled with excitement.  It was good to be out but it really was a bland way of fishing.  Nothing like bing on the river after the Zeds.  As darkness fell I put on fresh baits and had a recast.  Within seconds of recasting one of the rods was away but I struck into thin air.  The roach was ripped to shreds so I put it down to a small Pike.  I recast and exactly the same thing happened.  Buoyed by the bites but frustrated by missing them I put another bait on and recast.  I tried to set the bobbin on a drop but it wouldn’t hang properly and it took me a couple of seconds to realise it was because there was a fish on.  In came another small Zander and then for the following three casts I had a bite straightway resulting in another three Zander the biggest being the last that looked around the four and a half pound mark.  And then with a “poof” they were gone.  Six bites in six casts and then not a single bite after that.

By the end I was a bit reluctant to pack up but it was getting late and it felt like the best of the fishing had been and gone.  It was great to get a few bites.  I may go back if I need a fix but I really am looking forward to doing a bit of catting and getting on the river when they open up.  I will try and keep this blog a bit more up to date this year.